Ed Sheeran Reaches Two Billion Spotify Streams

In the day and age where it’s all about followers, hits, views – its no wonder than it made the headlines when young British singer and song writer, Ed Sheeran, reached two billion streams on Spotify, the music network. Not million, billion. Why is this news, you may ask.
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Kendra Wilkinson Wants To Be A Singer?

Kendra Wilkinson is reportedly looking to ink a record deal after goofing off in a recording studio. A source close to the situation said, “She’s always loved being on stage, so when an opportunity opened up for her to lay down some rap and R&B tracks, she took it.”
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Randy Travis Has Married Mary Davis Last Month

It has been officially confirmed that country music singer Randy Travis did, indeed, wed his longtime fiancee, Mary Davis, late last month. The happy couple had been engaged since early 2013. Rumors that the two had gotten married began to circulate Sunday evening after the pair made an unexpected
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