Are Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie really having twins after Angelina underwent IVF treatments? This is the rumor that is being perpetuated by the latest issue of “OK!” magazine. Surely Brad and Angie already have their hands completely full with six children as it is? Why on earth would they want to add even more children to that equation?

The magazine claims to take its readers inside Brangelina’s “IVF miracle”. We are actually curious as to what they could possibly say about two people who are already parents to six kids, wanting more kids via IVF. Is this story based in any kind of fact whatsoever? We are doubting its validity completely, so why should we buy their piece on Angelina telling her pals that she is going to be a “pregnant bride”?

The children also apparently “can’t wait” for these two lovebirds to bring home even more kids to add to their brood. We aren’t doubting that Brad and Angelina are good parents to the children that they already have — that is not even the question. The question is whether “OK!” magazine sells more copies of their rag if they feature fake stories about high profile Hollywood couples like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Have they ever once hit the mark on any of the nonsense that they have been spewing? The magazine claim close to reporting something legitimate with the Mila Kunis pregnancy story, but we’re guessing that they are just throwing crap at the ceiling hoping that something is going to stick.

Also featured in this particular issue is Jessica Simpson’s adorable family photos. The magazine has ten pictures of Jessica with Eric, Maxwell and Axl! We’re betting they are super cute family pictures.

In addition, there is a side piece on reality star Khloe Kardashian and how she is in love again. She has been rumored to be dating rapper French Montana, but they have yet to confirm the reports. Despite that, she seems to be jumping from the frying pan into the fire with this latest guy. He is another Lamar Odom, just you wait and see. Mark our words.

Lastly, they cover an article on broke Teresa Giudice begging her rich friends for money. Certainly they could’ve found a better picture for the sidebar photo? It looks somewhat distorted and terribly Photoshopped, doesn’t it?

Speaking of Photoshop, doesn’t Brad and Angelina look strange on the cover? Have your say in the comments section below.



Rumors are making their way across the internet that Ryan Seacrest is looking for a nice, quiet and polite way out of the show that made him a household name, “American Idol”. Could you imagine the show without Ryan? Who could they ever hire to replace him? Brian Dunkleman?

A Fox network executive said in February that the show was winding down, so will Ryan jump ship? His two-year contract worth $30 million is set to expire and he is said to be making preparations in order to leave the hit talent competition. Thirteen seasons and he still feels no loyalty to the show – that’s quite the shame, isn’t it?

A source revealed, “Ryan is telling friends that this season of Idol is likely to be his last. He’s lost the passion for it, and desperately wants to do different things at this point in his career, like produce the Oscars and start developing more of his original ideas. Ryan’s reduced role in this year’s Emmy’s red carpet coverage is a clear move toward a life that involves less hosting and more producing. He wants to transition to behind the scenes more, and is getting fed up with the ‘interviewing people’ part of his job, when his heart is really in the work he does as a producer.”

The source added, “This season of Idol is going to be a real endurance test for Ryan. Idol is holding him back right now, but it’s also the most money he’s ever been paid for anything, so he has to be a politician about it.”

Do you think you would watch “American Idol” without the addition of its famous host? If so, who do you think they should get to replace him? Do you think they would cancel the show without its effervescent host? Have your say about his exit plans in the comments section below.



Despite what you may have heard about fellow Scientologists Tom Cruise and Laura Prepon dating, the fact remains: they have never even met each other!

Rumors began swirling that Tom and Laura were getting it on, following his split from ex-wife Katie Holmes. It was reported that the action star had been dating the “Orange Is The New Black” actress since November and was desperate to keep it a secret. It was said that they have been sharing romantic dinners together since first hooking up, but wanted to keep things under wraps. A source revealed that their relationship was “the buzz on the set of her show.”

Now, a source has come forward to deny the reports that a romance between Tom and Laura exists at all. In fact, there is no truth to any of the rumors. Additionally, we have learned that Tom and Laura have never event met, let alone been friends for years as the rumors have suggested.

Did you think they would make a cute couple? Perhaps “hot Donna” wants to stay far, far away from this crazy couch jumper? If not Laura, who do you think Tom Cruise would be good to date next? Have your say in the comments section below.

Kate Upton Does Not Hate Her Boobs

Kate Upton Does Not Hate Her Boobs

“Sports Illustrated” model Kate Upton made headlines when she came out swinging against her breasts. She reportedly said that she wished she had smaller boobs and the world went crazy. The quote was specifically, “I wish I had smaller boobs every day of my life as I would love to wear spaghetti tops braless and go for the smallest bikini designs.”

Now, she has done a 180 on her opinions. She said, “I actually didn’t ever say that. Isn’t that lovey whenever the media makes up something? It’s like, ‘It’s my body, I’ll tell you how I feel about it.’ I would say that all women feel that sometimes they don’t have life perfect or they don’t feel their best.”

She continued, “I love my body. I always feel incredibly grateful for what I have. But there’s times when all women don’t feel their best.”

Yesterday, “The Other Woman” actress took to her official Twitter account to say, “Unfortunately, what was said about my body is completely made up to try and drum up controversy where there is none. Like every woman, I have moments of insecurity, but I love and am proud of my body — every part of it — and wouldn’t change a thing.”

And there you have it! Like most men out there, Kate Upton loves her body!

Tori Spelling Hurt Over Weight Loss Reports

Tori Spelling Hurt Over Weight Loss Reports

Just last week, Tori Spelling was on the cover of “In Touch Weekly” with the report that she was hospitalized after losing so much weight that she was down to 92 pounds. The magazine showed a pic of the former “90210″ star showing nothing but skin and bones. Now, in addition to opening up about husband Dean McDermott’s apparent cheating, she is coming out swinging against the reports stating that she is emaciated.

The magazine stated that Tori’s weight had plummeted after discovering the dirty details of her husband’s secret double life. In addition, the magazine stated that she was rushed to a Los Angeles area hospital in order to be treated after hitting rock bottom. Was Tori really so humiliated by Dean’s betrayal that she stopped eating?

The answer, short and sweet, is no. In fact, Tori is hitting back at the reports and saying that she is hurt as a result of the negativity. Yes, she is stressed out due to her current situation, but she claims to be one-hundred percent healthy. She revealed in a new interview with “Us Weekly”, “I’m not under 100 pounds. I didn’t collapse. I didn’t go to the hospital. I’m raising two girls and I want them to have positive body images.”

Tori’s weight loss was said to be triggered by the news that her husband had cheated on her with Emily Goodhand. A source said, “When she’s stressed she doesn’t eat”, claiming that her “control issues with food” came back to her when the news broke of his infidelity.

A source said that when the news hit, Tori was with friends at her home when she had a nice-piece sushi plate fixed for her, but she barely touched it. A snitch on the scene said, “She drank water and hot tea and just moved her food around to make it look like she was eating.”

Tori also recalled the time when she was first confronted with reports of Dean’s cheating. She said that he denied the reports at first, but he changed his story when the news hit the tabloids. She said, “He was very nervous – I saw it in his face. He said that they had kissed but that was it. I knew in that moment the worst had happened. I said, ‘I don’t believe you for one second. I don’t believe that’s all.’”

Later, she said that they laid down together and he “talked me through the entire weekend with Emily. He didn’t want to get graphic. I didn’t want him to. We kept it to the facts. It wasn’t about feelings. I listened and made sure I didn’t show emotion. I didn’t cry. He didn’t cry. He sounded remorseful. He sounded like a husband who had gotten caught.”

She revealed that Dean had taken full responsibility for his actions and then checked himself into rehab for treatment. He said at the time, “I take full responsibility for my actions and have voluntarily checked myself into a treatment center to address some health and personal issues. I am grateful to be getting the help I need so I can become the husband and father my family deserves.”