National Enquirer: Inside Michelle Obama’s White House Of Horrors!

National Enquirer: Inside Michelle Obama's White House Of Horrors!

First Lady Michelle Obama covers the latest issue of the “National Enquirer” and the tabloid takes its readers inside Michelle’s “house of horrors!”

According to the magazine’s report, she has humiliated the president, has made staffers cry and has been screaming and bullying everyone in sight.

The shocker in this issue is the story of Megan Huntsman and how she killed her six babies. The magazine reports:

The nation was shocked when monster mom Megan Huntsman confessed to strangling six newborn babies and stashing their bodies in cardboard boxes.

“It’s hard to comprehend how this can happen,” said local police Capt. Michael Roberts.

Now, in a bombshell exclusive, The ENQUIRER reveals why she did it!

Authorities believe that the 39-year-old baby-killer – who has three living daughters — gave birth to seven other infants over a 10-year period between 1996 and 2006. Somehow, she kept the pregnancies secret – even from her now-estranged husband Darren West.

Huntsman has admitted strangling six of the babies to death right after they were born and wrapping their tiny bodies in towels before hiding them in West’s home in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The seventh baby was apparently stillborn.

Cops say West and other relatives found one of the newborn’s bodies while cleaning out a garage, and the twisted story of Huntsman’s unspeakable acts soon came to light.

The country has a new “murder mom” to target…but this one won’t get away with it as easy as Casey Anthony did. What do you think?

Prince George And Kate Middleton Cover ‘Closer’ Magazine

Prince George And Kate Middleton Cover 'Closer' Magazine

Duchess Catherine of Cambridge and her son Prince George are featured on the cover of the latest issue of “Closer” magazine. Isn’t he just as cute as a button?

The magazine reports that the adorable prince is teething, taking his first steps and is finally sleeping through the whole night! We’re sure his nannies are happy about that!

Will and Kate have revealed that their trip to New Zealand and Australia is all about their cute baby son, George. “Chubby cheeked George charms the world” indeed!

What say you about his adorable royal highness?

Miley Cyrus Warned By Doctors To Clean Herself Up

Miley Cyrus Warned By Doctors To Clean Herself Up

As you may already know, Miley Cyrus was just hospitalized following the death of her dog Floyd. She has had to cancel two tour stops on her Bangerz tour and has tweeted selfies from the hospital where she is currently receiving treatment.

Has her dog’s passing had an ill effect on her health? That seems to be what “In Touch Weekly” is claiming — like there is a link to her bad health. They also tie in Miley’s penchant for taking drugs, which is no big surprise.

Miley was, and remains hospitalized in Kansas City and has had to cancel two shows. Apparently some fans aren’t exactly understanding of what the singer is going through. In response, she has addressed her hospital stay on Twitter:


humans can b so selfish. if any1 thinks id rather b layin n a hospital bed than doing what i love on stage theyre fuckin LAME. im miserabl

I can’t get a hold of my team because it is so early so I want to be the one to tell my fans especially the ones trekking to get there(tbc)

the hospital is sayin i wont b released today

Jessica Simpson Shares Eric Johnson & Maxwell Instagram Photo

Jessica Simpson Shares Eric Johnson & Maxwell Instagram Photo

Jessica Simpson shared a loving photo of her fiance Eric Johnson and their daughter Maxwell on her official Instagram account earlier this evening.

She captioned the above photo, “Maxi and Daddy at the beach. Yikes and Yay. Good Lord! She has NO fear!”

The photos are side-by-side photos of the father/daughter duo and show him tossing her high into the air. Pretty cute, no?

Jessica has become a successful weight loss expert for the Weight Watchers brand after giving birth to the couple’s second child, Axl. After losing 70 pounds, she showed off her new body in a yellow dress. We do not have access to the photo, but you can view it by clicking this link.

In an ad for the weight loss brand earlier this year, she said, “This body made two amazing little human beings. I love this body and what its’ capable of – no matter what size. But this version feels really good.”

Dina Lohan Pleads Guilty To DUI And Speeding

Dina Lohan Pleads Guilty To DUI And Speeding

On Tuesday, Dina Lohan pleaded guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol and speeding. The two charges were bestowed upon her after she was caught by officers in September 2013. She was said to be going 22 miles per hour over the speed limit and was driving drunk.

Her lawyer Mark Heller said in a statement on Tuesday, “This being the first day of Passover, Dina Lohan was very gratified to receive an offer that we could not pass over. No jail, no probation and the opportunity to resume her driving privileges. She felt this was a great start to the Holy Week.”

For her transgressions, she was ordered by the judge to complete 100 hours of community service before her sentencing on June 3, 2014. She was also ordered to attend a 16-hour state program on driver safety and she will be required to install a device in her car that would only allow her to start the vehicle if she is sober. Lastly, she was ordered to pay fines totaling around $2,800.

Dina said in court, “I’ll never be back here again. You can quote me on that one.”