10 Downing Street Launches Prime Minister’s Bingo

10 Downing Street Launches Prime Minister’s Bingo

The move by the British government to launch their very own online bingo site has come as a great surprise to many industry experts and political pundits alike.

‘One line, two line, full house and second home!’

A spokesman from the UK online bingo community bingo paradise said, ‘This new launch has come as a great shock for two reasons, a: the fact that David Cameron himself is behind the site and b: there was no press release prior to the launch to give affiliates the chance to promote the site’.

The site launched today and can already been seen achieving some of the top, most prestigious Google keywords in the UK bingo market, such as ‘bingo games’.

In a very competitive market it is important for a site to offer great incentives to new players. Prime Minister’s Bingo will offer newcomers their very own chance to ‘Spin the Pleb’ a unique take on the already well established ‘Spin the Wheel’ concept at other leading sites.

The site’s immediate presence in the search engine giant is likely to spark debates as to whether or not a deal has been struck between the UK government and the search provider. Some people could see this as a peacemaker, especially in light of the turbulence caused by Google’s tax affairs.

The site, which is now open to players, offers a vast array of different games, including Boris’s Blunders, Bankrupt Britain and bingo in which people play for a ‘second home’.

What do you think of this new development? Should a government be profiting from its own gambling website? Is it wrong or right? Have your say!

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