9 songs about Valerie

I was perusing through some old and new songs…..starting off with Quarterflash, who did Valerie….they actually recently made a new album…who knew?

I don’t think they made a real video for the song, but that’s the cover for the tape….I actually had that one, I still might.

Then, thanks to Youtube, I saw Valerie by the Zutons. I don’t know the singer’s name (yet), but dude is cute. I’m going to use my google-fu to find out stuff about stalk him.

This is the live version cuz Universal sucks and won’t let me embed the other one.

Then, there’s Steve Winwood’s Valerie. Crap, Valerie got around, didn’t she?

This one was popular in the early 80’s. Listen to it for a sec, you’ll remember.

Then Amy Winehouse sang about her along with Mark Ronson.

Who else?

Okay, so I asked. I found Valerie by the Poptart Monkeys:

V For Vendetta brought the musical score that is Valerie:

Some band called Joy sang Valerie in Russia:

Panic! At The Disco covered “Valerie” and the video is cool, if you like to read while listening:

I couldn’t bare to find anymore…did I miss any?

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  1. Valerie

    Valleri – the monkees
    Valerie Loves Me – Material Issue

  2. valerie

    Valerie – reel big fish

  3. Valerie

    Thanks for posting these songs! Im super excited to hear my name in songs!

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