2012 American Idol Winner Announced: Phillip Phillips Or Jessica Sanchez (RECAP)

2012 American Idol Winner Announced: Phillip Phillips Or Jessica Sanchez (RECAP)

It was a long road to get to the season finale for the remaining top two contenders on “American Idol”, but we’re sure Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez are both excited to see what the future holds for them. If you’ve missed the performance finale last night, we’ve recapped it in detail here. Will your favorite be crowned the next “American Idol”?

Last night, the judges awarded the first two rounds to 16-year-old Chula Vista, California native Jessica. When it came to the winning coronation song, they weren’t so one-sided. Jessica sang a song called “Change Nothing”, of which received a lukewarm reception from the judges. Twenty-one-year-old Leesburg, Georgia native Phillip wow’ed the judges and the audience alike with his coronation song, “Home”.

We conducted a poll earlier today, asking fans who will win the “Idol” crown. As of this morning, the votes were tipped in Jessica’s favor with 52 percent. As of this writing, Jessica has tipped the votes even further with 56 percent, leaving Phillip with the remaining 44 percent. The poll was purely for entertainment purposes and does not reflect any actual votes that the competitors received.

Stay tuned for our live recap of the season 2012 finale of “American Idol”. In the meantime, weigh in with your thoughts on who is going to win this season!


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