4 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

4 Valentine's Day Gifts For Her

If you are like any other guy we know, you are scrambling at the very last minute on February 14th in order to find something to give to your special lady for Valentine’s Day. You mean well, but let’s face it: you’re not perfect, you could be super busy or you just don’t have the perfect idea. Fortunately for you, we don’t want you getting the cold shoulder on the day of love, so we’ve come up with some great ideas for you and your sweetie this Valentine’s Day.

1. Flowers and Candy

Seriously. Flowers and candy show effort and that you care enough to do something for your loved one. She will appreciate that more than just a card and you’ll be safe until next year. It’s the tried and true method to keeping her heart, but used repetitively and it will get stale.

2. Stuffed Animals

We know, we know: She’s not eight-years-old any more and a teddy bear or some other stuffed animal isn’t going to be her best friend. It is a cute idea, however. Couple this with flowers and candy and you could be golden.

3. Jewelry

Jewelry is the gift that keeps on giving, but only if you are truly serious about your relationship with your lady love. You don’t want to spring a ring on a girl that you’ve only been dating for three weeks, right? Your wife or long-term girlfriend would certainly love a diamond bracelet, but it’s not cost effective if you don’t have money coming out of your ears.

4. Sexy Lingerie

For the more adult gentlemen, sexy lingerie is always the perfect gift for both him AND her. She will look and feel sexy for your viewing pleasure and you will be able to unwrap her like a gift.

In essence, the best gift you can give your lady friend is your love and companionship. Besides that, our favorite gift idea is lingerie because it doesn’t say “boring”, “cute” or “commitment” — it just says “I think you’re sexy!” and who doesn’t want to feel sexy?

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day gift, ladies?

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