5 Celebs doing good this Christmas season

It’s Christmas time — and with that, comes some very thoughtful celebrities doing good for other people!

Brad Paisley, AnnaLynne McCord, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres top our list of the top five celebrities doing good this holiday season.

Brad Paisley

Country singer Brad Paisley has encouraged families to keep the music alive by giving children musical instruments this year. He said that he remembered the most important gift he’d ever received, a guitar from his grandfather.

He said, “He just wanted me to play and wrapped up one of his.” He added, “I hope there’s kids out there getting guitars for Christmas or any instrument for that matter. Nothing changed my life like that Christmas gift when I was eight from my grandfather.”

AnnaLynne McCord

TV actress AnnaLynne McCord is spending her Christmas this year with her sister in Cambodia. They are there to help raise awareness of sex slavery in the country. AnnaLynne tweeted, “Taking off to Cambodia with Angel McCord and 1 of my BFFs, Melissa H. to spend Christmas with @somalymam [Somaly Mam Foundation] and bring Christmas 2 her girls!”

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian and Brittny Gastineau teamed up to pass out gifts to sick kids in the hospital. Toy supplier Hobby Tron donated toys for the occasion. Kim tweeted, “Heading to the LA Children’s Hospital to give out toys! Thank u Hobby Tron for the amazing donation! 500 toys! Wow. Today was a heart warming day!”

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber wrapped up his U.S. tour on Thursday and parked his tour bus outside of the Atlanta, Georgia venue and asked fans to donate toys and games for sick kids at the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Center. He joined up with local radio station Q100 to create the Stuff Bieber’s Bus campaign.

He said, “I have such a big platform, it would be silly if I didn’t do something positive with it. I got contacted by their radio station…and they asked us if we wanted to be involved…and it was just something I thought would be really cool.”

Ellen DeGeneres

Not leaving out the nation’s stray pets, Ellen DeGeneres has teamed up with dog food company Halo to deliver one million meals to unwanted dogs.

She said, “At Halo we want to promote healthy living for pets and good food is a big part of that. So, we agreed to donate one million meals of Halo to shelter pets. I mean, imagine, an animal, in a cage, lonely – a good meal is kinda all they have to look forward to, until you adopt them!”

Kudos to all of them for making a difference this holiday season!

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