Adam Lambert Heading To Broadway & Queen Rumors?

Adam Lambert may not want to set his sights on fronting Queen just yet, because he has other plans and apparently they include hitting the Broadway stage.


He says that he would love to appear in “Jesus Chris Superstar” and his dream role? He says, “I’d love to play Judas – that’s my dream role.”

He’s also got plans for “American Idol” winner Kris Allen. When asked who could star alongside Lambert on Broadway, he replied, “Kris…he could play Jesus!”

As far as rumors that were swirling around saying that Lambert would be the new Queen frontman, don’t believe the hype.

He said, “They’ve never actually offered me anything. They expressed interest in working together, but just said they’d like to have a meaningful conversation, and that’s it. It could have meant they wanted me to come to dinner with them, it could have meant they wanted to talk about the meaning of life. I don’t know if joining the band permanently is in the cards for me right now. They’re legends; I’m just the new kid on the block.”

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