Adam Lambert is a diva & has already made enemies?

adam_lambert_divaWhile there is much ado over Adam Lambert’s post-Idol career opportunities, his boyfriend, and the “speculation” surrounding when he’s going to officially “come out”, insiders say that he isn’t as nice to deal with as everyone thinks.

Behind-the-scenes chatter at many of the stops on Lambert’s publicity tour says that Lambert is nothing short of a diva and that he’s difficult to work with.

A source who’s worked with Lambert said, “He is such a diva. Rude to everyone – from fans right down to the lighting folks.”

Another source said, “A-list celebrities have come through here and been infinitely more polite.”

A music producer said, “No one sells that many records these days to be able to get away with that kind of behavior. To be a success you need literally everyone in your corner.”

Knowing that Lambert is a possible “diva”, are you still going to purchase his album upon its release?

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