Adam Lambert is a ‘hot bachelor’

adam_lambert_hotPeople recently ran their Hottest Bachelor’s list and Adam Lambert has found himself a spot on it. He’s flashy, sure and he has that confidence oozing from his pores. Did he believe the news?

He said, “Am I really? I’m not hot.”

Nancy O’Dell said, “How great is that though – to show how far you have come? Because that means you’re a bachelor – straight, gay – it’s just that you’re a good looking man. You’re attractive to many people.”

Lambert responds, “That’s pretty cool. That’s really cool. I think that attractiveness is a universal thing. It shouldn’t matter who your preference is. I mean, it’s like, (if) you think something is good looking, you think it’s good looking. What’s the difference?”

When Lambert was asked if he felt that being open about his sexuality is changing anyone’s minds, he said it’s just a bonus as he tried focusing on being an entertainer.

He added, “I mean my goal is to just sing. I’m just putting on a show, you know, and if that’s how people feel about it then that’s really cool.”

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