Adam Lambert & Kris Allen Hug It Out – Video

You can really tell that even though Adam Lambert didn’t walk away the winner of “American Idol” on Wednesday night, that he really likes Kris Allen.

They are so cute! He’s genuinely happy for Kris. What a good sport. And you know Adam is going to have a stellar career ahead of him.

Adam Lambert & Kris Allen Hug It Out – Video was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • sporeGLAMBERT

    such display of brotherly love between them! and it is make more extraordinary because they are so delightedly different. makes me ashamed why I got so upset at all. if adam and kris are world leaders there would have been peace. I hope ADAM can look after kris in this industry and I pray kris can influence ADAM spiritually . god bless

  • 4adam4always

    Your comments are exactly what have been on my heart over the past weeks leading up to the finale and even more so now. I say “on my heart”…it’s probably more accurate to say “breaking my heart” looking at these two individuals, both so completely opposites in every way, literally thrown together in a monumental event that has and will change both of them forever. I love them both like my own children.
    I am so proud of them, their beauty, youth, energy, amazing gifts etc. But far above all of those things I am so proud of their friendship and genuine love for one another. This is no coincident. There is a reason that these two lives have crossed. I believe it. The reason is far greater than any fame or fortune they could ever receive. There is a power that brings us all together. I don’t know if you will ever read this but thank you for what you said in your last comment. You have to be a person of faith to see that and pray that for Adam and Kris. God bless you.