Adam Lambert & New Mystery Man – Photos

Adam Lambert didn’t seem to mind all of those gay rumors as he walked out of Guys & Dolls nightclub in West Hollywood last night. He was hand in hand with a new mystery man, confirming previous speculation as to his sexuality.FP_IMAGE_3092792/FP_SET_3092702

He was smiling for the cameras as he made his exit from the club. Even though “American Idol” judge Kara DioGuardi took it upon herself to out him to the world via “The View” and his mother’s refusal to confirm the news, this seals it in for the unbelievers.

His mother, Leila Lambert, said, “I would rather not answer until it comes out”, adding that she signed a contract with “American Idol” prohibiting her discussion of his personal life. It was also rumored that Adam would be coming out officially in an upcoming issue of “Rolling Stone” magazine.

Previously, Adam was rumored to be dating “Cheeks” A.K.A. Brad Bell. (His photo is in the thumbnails for comparison purposes.) This looks nothing like the guy from last night, which leaves us wondering, who’s the new guy Adam?

Update: We’ve just learned that Adam’s new boyfriend is Drake LaBry. The two of them were spotted shopping at Kitson earlier today. Lambert reportedly bought the jacket that LaBry wore to Guys & Dolls with him in the photo above.

FP_IMAGE_3092793/FP_SET_3092702 adam_lamberts_boyfriend_cheeks_brad_bell FP_IMAGE_3092794/FP_SET_3092702

Image Credit: Fame Pictures

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