Adam Lambert talks about his upcoming album

adam_lambert_interviewIn a recent interview, Adam Lambert dished the details on his upcoming album.

When asked about the album and whether or not it’s coming out in the fall, he answered:

Yes, that’s what I’ve been working on. We started right away with meetings about the sound and the vibe. They asked me, “Do you know of any producers that you would really want to work with?” and I have short list of producers, and fortunately we connected with all the ones I wanted to connect with. We started writing, and I’ve been able to co-write on a handful of tracks and there’s more to come.

He was also asked if he enjoys the writing process, to which he replied:

I love it! I really love it. And I love the recording process as well. Coming up with something new and original is so exciting. That’s the art of it all. And then the performance is another level. American Idol lets you explore yourself as a performer. … Being able to create the actual material you’re writing takes it to a whole new level because I’m getting to write lyrics that are from my perspective and messages I want to get out there and feelings and ideas I want to share.

To read the entire interview, go here.

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  • Hendrix

    I just love his f-n guts.

  • kathleen

    Adam is so wonderful to hear & to see perform and I think alot of people want more, more & more of Adam.
    You just can’t get enough of him. ‘Can’t wait for his first musical production to come out.(as well as DVD’s) He’s just so talented & exciting!!!!!
    Kathleen from Florida

  • Kate

    I am so happy that he can WRITE music. That is so important in the music biz. Writing insures you longevity and also $$$. He has never said he can play an instrument and no one has asked him either?

    I’d love to see him strap on a black and white strat! Now that would be very rock-godish if he can also play guitar.

    Maybe Kris will give him some guitar lessons!

  • lovergirl

    Can’t hardly wait!!!!!!

    ADAM I LOVE YOU!!!!!

  • regina

    GREAT! he certainly would make this record his own! wow writing songs and working with producers he wanna work with! cant wait to buy his album!

  • laura parker

    hi im just sooooo happy and i just wanna say tht my mum nd fam love adam no matter if he were gay or not! he rocks! literally!!! lol