Adam Lambert’s AMAs performance video

adam_lambert_amasAdam Lambert made his awards show debut at tonight’s American Music Awards, at the Nokia Theater. He performed his first single, “For Your Entertainment”, and while it was a bit risque, I don’t see what the big deal is.

He was new to the awards show stage and yet he still took some risks. He made out with a guy after shoving another guy’s face into his nether regions.

It was risque when Madonna did “Vogue” in the nineties, as well. She lifted up her dress for a guy’s face, shoved two guys’ faces into her chest and let another squeeze her boobs. So what’s the difference? This was the nineties.

Tonight, Adam Lambert kissed a guy, fondled a girl (shocker!) and shoved some guy’s face in his crotch. Is this really a big deal?

He talked to “Rolling Stone” about the possible censorship of the re-broadcast of the AMAs. He said that if the west coast broadcast of the show was censored, it would be “discrimination.”

He’s absolutely correct. It wasn’t that big of a deal, so put your big girl panties on and relax.

The performance, after the jump!

Memorable pop icons always push the envelope. Get over it already. It’s not that serious.

Adam Lambert’s AMAs performance video was last modified: June 17th, 2011 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • LambertsLabelle

    THANK YOU,Roberta, to put everything into the right light!
    I thought it was daring,bold,risky,hot,promising and without any doubts a LOT to see and to talk!For our entertainment!!!
    Just whished the vocals would have come better,sometimes I had the feeling he got a bit lost between taking care of the ver complex choreografie and his nervs.But he still sounded better than the most co-artists!
    Love you,man!!

  • Angel

    I SO agree with you Roberta, people need to put n their bg girl panties and deal. It wasn’t any different than what female artists have been doing for years. Time to get rid of that double standard!! Adam, you have balls of steel man!!

    • Bob

      Big girls panties? Right – i can’t wait for my daughter to put one her big girl panties and join in on the public bondage, groping and oral sex. awesome. thanks for sharing that with the world.

      and double standard? i think not. janet jackson, lady gaga, even j lo….same response from me. none of it is appropriate for public television. and besides skimpy dressing is one thing. this was oral sex and groping with your clothes on. obvious difference in the intent of the message.

      and who relates this to big girl panties? seriously? this has nothing to do with “growing up”. How bout being an adult and have some respect and some class.

      enjoy this type of entertainment on your own. no need to share it with the public.