Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment goes gold!

Our congratulations go out to Adam Lambert on his debut album, “For Your Entertainment”, for going gold!

FYE has now sold over 500,000 copies, which marks its status as a gold record. The album debuted at number three on the Billboard Top 100 Chart and hasn’t yet fallen below the top fifty since being introduced.

It also appears that there’s been an effect on new American Idol competitors, as well. This was thought to be brought on by Lambert’s willingness to add his own style and flair to a song. Of the Adam Lambert effect, Kara DioGuardi said, “I think that people were interpreting songs from the get-go in audition week. They weren’t just singing them the way they were sung by the people who originally recorded them. They were kind of taking some risks, and I like that. And maybe that is because of Adam.”

Congrats Adam!

Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment goes gold! was last modified: February 11th, 2010 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • tal

    i love you adaaaaaaaaaaaaaam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and love your albom! come 2 israel!!!

  • RitaNJlulumarie

    Wow Adam's career is in full blast off!! So happy for Adam and his fans. AI will never be the same again-as TIME put it Simon has found The World Idol.

  • Shirley

    Adam's album is gold in the US and Canada and two other countries that I read about. His single WWFM is #35 on the BB Hot 100 and his single FYE is #19 on the Billboard Dance charts. Both singles are charting high in other countries also. His international promotion starts next month. Watch out world. Here comes ADAM!!!!!

  • Will

    Yes Adam has gone gold not just in the US, but in Canada, can't wait for him to hit the British shores, we love him here!

  • Pam

    Adam … take us to places whe've never been before! Your voice is like something I've always felt but never heard. Thank you!

  • clr

    Couldn't be happier for Adam Lambert. He has worked at being a performer from the age of 10. He has paid his dues and it is nice to see such a dedicated, hard worker find success. Can't wait to hear the AOL sessions and the remixes due out soon.
    Congratulations on your cd turning gold.

  • pmc

    i love to walk in the park i have osteoporosis and i need the exercise, when i go i take adams cd fye put my head phones on and i walk until i can't walk anymore . it is so hard to stop when i'm listening to his music. when i hear soaked there is such a calmness i cant explain then when the songs fye, strut and fever come on my walk changes into a strut even i can't believe or explain i just go with the music and it makes it so much fun , every song on that cd is great my favorite is pick me up i love to hear his laugh at the end of the song, although all of his songs are infectious ,i'm an older lady well beyond my 60's and i feel like i'm 20 again , thank you adam for being who you are and giving us the chance to hear your beautiful voice. stay true to yourself and keep your family close

  • Maggie

    Thanks for the article Roberta! I'm very happy for this artists. I love his CD. I clean the house to it and I too have started a walking routine in an effort to get into a healthier lifestyle. Seems Adam Lambert is helping a lot of us change our lifestyles to a healthier, happier stronger version of us. His music and breakthroughs have reminded me there is nothing I can't do if I believe and go for it as well.

  • Debbye

    Congratulations Adam and I love your album. As Paula said "you make me feel better than good". Rock on BB.

  • @blueglittergirl

    Congratulations Adam on going gold! I'm so glad that the word is spreading about this spectacular CD. Adam's album has gone gold with virtually no radio airplay. That alone is amazing. I love his CD so much. It is the first time that I have ever bought a CD were I have loved every single song. I hardly ever buy CDs because I usually only like one or two songs on them. Adam's CD is not like that. The whole thing is a masterpiece! Adam's 'Broken Open' is one of the most hauntingly beautiful songs that I have ever heard. One song makes you want to cry, and then the next one makes you want to dance. Once again Adam has raised the bar of professioal excellence, and he deserves to reap the rewards of all of his hard work. What this means for all of us is that we are going to have alot more fun at Adam's concerts. I need to have more fun, and I want to thank Adam for giving me the excuse to go out and have it.

  • Reba

    Your music makes me happy! Congratulations to Adam for reaching Gold and wishing you many more. Your talent is beyond belief.

  • Tobra

    It's too bad the world today could not have heard a singer who at the age of 27 years old joined a band called Journey in 1977 (STEVE PERRY). Now that voice was truly a one in a trillion tool this man had. I laugh at singers today who hit the airwaves. I'm happy to have Adam now to listen to but i really miss Steve Perry.

    • Earsucker

      I agree. I love Steve Perry's voice, he hit high notes and is an amazing singer. Journey was the soundtrack to my teens. Love them.

  • maryclare

    Congrats to Adam!! He's the best that has ever come out of AI. Hope to hear more music from him. Love you Adam.

  • imrah

    Adam lambert is a one of a kind artist who has entertained me since American Idol 8, since then I have been looking for anything related Adam on the web or TV,it is fun to watch him talk or sing,he is sweet,charming,down to earth and honest. He has made history on American Idol, from now on all contestants will be measured by Adam's standard.

  • Shelby

    I can't stop listening to Adam's album. Every single song is so amazing. I never get tired of it. It's seriously all I want to listen to any more. He makes me want to listen to music again!!!

  • Janet

    Congrats to Adam, he truly deserves it, it’s no surprise to me, I knew he’d be successful, the world is going to love him. There’s been no idol contestant like him, Adam’s the first performer I’ve gone fanatical about since I was 18, ( I just turned 60 ) love everything about him.

  • Cindy

    Adam, you deserve all the success that your beautiful voice, charismatic personality, generous nature and enlightened persona can take in—-I am only one of 1000's who love you, but together, we are strong—–and we will change things in the world, I have no doubt. Keep being you, I may not know you personally, but I FEEL you as a kindred spirit. Love, cindy



  • Becky

    You, are the "now" in music!!!!!'
    Keep making all hearts as happy as mine!

  • Becky

    Can you believe this only the start as to what is to come!!!!
    Your vocals are replacing what everyone before you have been the standard for

  • guest

    Every song is great and stands on its own. Not the garbage you hear on the radio day after day.

  • tray

    Putting things in perspective, there were only 7 albums that sold over a million in entire year 2009 and Adam's album sold half million in only 11 weeks. Great news. Congratulations, Adam Lambert.

  • PCMom

    Just found this article….Adam's debut album is the most exciting thing to happen to music in a LONG, LONG time! The eclectic mix of songs speaks to the hearts of his large, very diverse fan base. I knew when I first saw and heard him that he was something special, and someone for whom I've been waiting. I hear FYE has already gone Platinum in Canada…and I'm sure it won't be too long before he's achieved that in the US. Thank you for the nice article…and thank you, Adam, for saving music and rejuvenating folks my age who grew up in the 60's!