Adam Lambert’s ‘For Your Entertainment’ leaked audio!

adam_lambert_fye_single_coverAdam Lambert’s new song “For Your Entertainment has just leaked and you can listen to it right here at Earsucker. It’s a great song, I think you’re going to love it!

The goodies, after the jump!


Adam Lambert’s ‘For Your Entertainment’ leaked audio! was last modified: June 17th, 2011 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • sonja


  • staciegirlie

    Adam’s single debuted on KIIS FM on the Ryan Seacrest show complete w/live interview with Adam, himself.

  • Teesa

    Absolutely love it!! Can’t wait for the rest of the album. This will get everyone dancing.

  • Brandon

    OMG I think Adam has once again showed us just how truly amazing and original he can be!! like god, look at that album cover and the single cover..then with the song? hes the next britney spears!

  • ryzman

    this is soooo talented wid a god given voice jheeez im frm the uk want him 2 cum over

  • Sudschick

    What are my thoughts? Who can think? I’m on about play #50! OMG, I love it. Can’t possibly sit still while listening to this!! OMG!

  • lesliec

    Picture above looks like a remake (male style) of Beyonce’s song ‘if you like put a ring on it’….song sounds like a wanna be white boy gay club rough song. Song was put out there on purpose b/c he has no marketing and he truly believes s/he’s stuff is better than everyone else’s. s/he is playing woman games (innocence). s/he still doing mushrooms and drugs. He’s not going to make it. I say market underhandedly b/c the average consumer in NOT into glam rock. He’ll see, it’s a gay album not for the masses.

    • Christa-proud Adam fan!

      wow…homophobe much? I’m all about freedom of expression, but that’s just plain mean! If you don’t like it good, it wasn’t meant for you…it was meant for the huge fanbase that Adam already has. We just happen to love it and him. If he’s not your particular cup of tea then no one is forcing you to drink him. But for the record talking trash about someones sexual orientation like that just makes you sound ignorant and mean.

    • Lyni

      lesliec, Adam has more female fans than you’re narrow mind can fathom. But maybe you’re right on one aspect..”average” drones may not have the ability to appreciate mega-talent, but the enlightened masses love him!

      • Saundra

        @lyni, girl, I know! Homophobic ignorance drives me fucking insane! ADAM rules!!! :-)


    • Sudschick

      Somebody reminded me that you are most likely sick in the head and looking for attention, so I apologize for telling you just what I think of you. Your fucking lie about Adam “still doin mushrooms and drugs” is completely inexcusable. The ONLY way you could defend that stinking, rotten, fucking lie is if YOU were THERE. Now that’s about the stupidest lie you could have edver told, because we all know that Adam would NEVER be in the company of trash like you. “Not for the masses” you say? Who are you to make that incorrect assumption? I’m 62, happily married and the mother of 8 kids.I am one of the masses of millions who adore Adam. You know….you could learn an awful lot from ADAM LAMBERT if you took your head out of your ass. Make sure you take your medication today.

    • Thamara

      LeslieC….thanks for listening and adding your opinion….even if your opinion is distorted, you have a right to it. Distorted, in that Adam didn’t say he was doing drugs before his shows. He was talking about Burning Man. 19 had these kids so guarded and in a bubble during that Tour, there is no way they could be drugging and performing shows day after day. Try keeping their schedule for a week and see how you’d do. As far as the Gay comments. It’s not news and doesn’t reflect the view of the masses. You know live and let live, go listen to Sesame Street.

    • Glowbug1953

      Leslie…you’re kidding, right????? If you are seriously making this stupid statement, why in the world are you bothering with even listening to Adam’s songs????? Are you that prejudiced or biased that you can not allow your deaf ears to open up and listen to real talent????

    • tattoo50

      Are you out of your ignorant small-minded sexist homo-phobic musically challenged empty brain-bucket? Adam Lambert’s vocal and performance talents are unmatched. And to question his artistic choices and suggesting he is “playing” at being gay or tormenting his female audience suggests that YOU are the shamelessly stupid, short-sighted deluded one. Get a clue. You don’t have to like Adam Lambert OR his music OR his artistic choices. But that is NO reason to be insulting or mean-spirited. Think before you speak, and then, don’t speak.

    • raegirl

      Since when does music have a gender or sexual orientation? A gay album???? By the way, the masses have had their say on itunes and amazon. Adam rules.

    • SP

      I love shrooms!

  • Sudschick

    Not only are you RUDE, you’re stupid as shit too. What a dumbass thing to say. I needed a good laugh with my morning coffee. You’re a FU**ing JOKE! Get a life!

    • Angel

      @lesliec If u dislike someone, u don’t have to be disrespectful. Just give him a chance….I’m a big Adam Fan…..He works wonders with his amazing voice….His sexuality is no issue, it’s talent that counts, and he has tons of talent. I love his single and the single cover. FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT IS A SMASH HIT!!!!!!!

  • PamBiggs

    Absolutely amazing!!! Can’t wait for the album to come out. Adam is the whole package-great voice, great music, and gorgeous!!!!!!!! Love that man. Lesliec you just don’t get it and you never will. Too bad for you :(

  • Saundra

    @lesliec, you are a pathetic, homophobic, disgusting excuse of a human being. How dare you judge our beautiful ADAM? You only wish you were half as hot, sexy, talented, and attractive to both sexes. Grow up.If you dont like something, that’s fine. However, you do not have to make personal attacks on someone based on who they are as a human being. When you are half of the human being ADAM LAMBERT is, then you should write back and let us know all about it. Until then, fuck off.

    • lesliec

      Again, correct me if I’m wrong above pic does not remind you of Beyonce music video “If you like put a ring on it” been there done that type of look…..::::: Also, did not Adam stated in an interview previously that he on AI did mushrooms and drugs before performance, hence the quesitons on drugs? Do we all have to have the same opinion or else we’re haters…..I am not going to go along to get along. He’s music GLAM ROCK is not my style and is not radio ready style. He stated himself on Ryan it’s a form of glam rock. It didn’t work in the States (Bowie) in the 70’s and it’s not going to become the norm now. You can’t force the masses to conform. That’s a given, again he has a nice voice but he will NOT affect the masses whom he needs to sell….

      Now if that’s being sick then I’m sick. Opinions of all should not reflect one voice.

      • Saundra

        @lesliec, okay.I’ll call a duck a duck. You’re sick.

      • Sudschick

        Seems you hear what you want to hear. Adam said he did drugs IN THE PAST. He never said he was doing drugs before performing….NEVER. You ARE a hater; face it, and it AIN’T a pretty thing to be. Nobody ever asked you to either ‘like Adam’ OR to buy his CD. What ROCK do you live under? David Bowie is a legend, a Rock God, a Glam God….one of the originals. The guy is a multi millionaire. HELLO!!! can you add 2 + 2? He didn’t get his money by panning for gold! Nobody is forcing anybody to DO or to BE anything…including you! The “norm”? There is no NORM any more! You must be older than me, for heaven sake. His CD hasn’t even hit the stores yet and he’s outselling some of the biggest recording stars in history! Don’t you watch the news, read the paper, or spend time around anyone? (except other haters)
        Everybody has a right to an opinion and their own tastes. That’s not the issue with you at all. It’s your HATER attitude coupled with lies about a man who is adored by millions of people around the world. Sometimes you need to just SHUT UP!

      • Thamara

        No, this doesn’t remind me of Beyonce. She had 1 ring, which anyone can wear. This is a new fashion statement that a lot of Stars are wearing ( check out People Mag.) Everyone is in love with Adams eyes and this cover really shows the gorgeous eyes. That’s what attracted me before the jewelry. I can’t believe I’m wasting so much time defending this Fabulous Star when it’s not necessary….his sales will speak for themselves!!

  • Saundra

    I love you, ADAM! I love the new song! I love the album cover. Please dont listen to stupid, moronic, hateful, and ignorant homophobic bastards. Fuck all of you who do not love ADAM! LONG LIVE ADAM!!!!!!

  • Saundra

    @lesliec, re: Bowie, if that’s “failure”, I’m sure anyone would be glad to take that, you dumbass.

  • Becky

    omg! its amazingg!!!!!!!! i love it! best song everr! :)

  • Sudschick

    Just back for one last comment. There is a guy I know who is a Gay hater. This afternoon, I played the song and he heard it…twice! LOVED it! Made me play it a second time! I was never going to mention who it was, but he insisted…lol. I thought he was going to drop dead….lol. It was WONDERFUL! Made my day…aftr a lousy beginning!

  • Glowbug1953

    GO ADAM, GO ADAM, GO ADAM!!! If this is any indication of what the album is going to be like…the charts are going to blow up into little pieces because of Adam Lambert’s pure talent!! WE LOVE YOU ADAM! You rock our world and THE MASSES!


    • Raven

      I agree Adam u rock Dont let anybody talk trash about u im not going to say any names here (SAUNDRA)

  • lesliec

    REMEMBER Bowie changed his sexuality purposely if he’s a closet that’s another thing. He is happily married and would not dare come on AI to participate with Adam. NO I have no desire to HATE Adam, BUT I am not a fag hag and the MASSES on average listen to POP R&B and Rap NOT Glam Rock. Remember, the American Billboard is what important. How many albums come out on amazon and itunes as #1 even Billboard within 2-3 weeks the masses determine. NOT the recording studio that slide a few dollars to (i.e. amazon, itunes and/or billboard) to say this person has a #1 CD. Whitney Houston good example, dropped as #1 CD b/c Clive Davis greased someone hands so that stupid people think she has a #1 song, by word of mouth found out it was a shitty song. Same will apply with Adam, there is a certain type that JUST LOVE him no matter what shit he puts out but as you know American voted its conscious and will continue. Great guy, beautiful and sings ok, you will find at Adam at the age of 27 did not make it earlier and will not make it now because of the same reason I mentioned previously. Stop downing people that do not think as you know. There are only 4% gays in USA and so what if he’s gay, I as the masses are not into Glam Rock – did you check out the Yankees game yesterday and hear Jay-z and Alicia Keys, damn Alicia Keys WOW what a voice and what a song everyone is talking about that cut. Again, the masses would agree on that song “New York” by Jay-z and Alicia Keys. The massess, no there are no haters just folks that voted the correct way on AI…..peace

    • Saundra

      WTF was all that pathetic shit you just spewed? No one cares about stats. No one cares about you. No one wants to hear your hate filled speech. You should not talk junk about Bowie, who is by all accounts but yours, a true rock legend. If you have no extended vocab that f*g hag, I guess I must lower mine to a term you can understand. You are a pathetic, hateful, sad, loathing, homophobic, sad example of a human being. If you want to use F words, here’s one for you- fuck you.

    • SP


  • chris

    was this written by lady gaga?????

  • Raven

    I love him so much!!!!!I love this song it sounds awesome!!I cant wait for the album to come out.For the people out there who hate Adam Lambert this just plain stupid!!!

  • SP

    Darren Hayes does it so much better though.

  • rose

    fucking awesome

  • lesliec

    lesliec here
    OK for all of you who think I'm a homophobic NOT I'm into music WELL Adam showed his true colors on the awards and NO ONE will allow him to perform without videotaping him first. Well Kris Allen song is hitting the mark wherein Adam should have rocked out NOT….anyway the music speaks for itself after all. Style is style (i.e. lady gaga and lambert) NOT AGAIN. Adam as you found out is all talk and glam rock style and his music really did not come to light. Just another song. Now, George Michael that man can sang and I have and will continue to listen to him and buy his music. Good music always wins out don't it in the long run…..

  • Ashleighxx

    @Leslie if you dont like adam WHY ARE YOU ON HIS SITE he didnt do anything to you so dont be such a dumbass and get a life IF YOU CAN !! Adam rulesss !!!!!!