Adam Lambert’s jacket auctioned for $2,000

adam_lambert_jacketAdam Lambert has been raising money for and in doing so subsequently, has had his jacket from the Idols Tour auctioned off.

The jacket looks like it has a drawn picture of Iron Maiden’s “Eddie” character on it. Alongside Eddie, there’s a couple of Hindu symbols that resemble swastikas.

I know he’s not racist, and this is probably something that the media is blowing out of proportion. If there were the dots surrounding the symbol, it would look more authentic. Poor guy, he’s probably going to get a lot of backlash for this.

Having said that, I still want his new album.

For “journalistic integrity” as one reader pointed out, this is in fact the same jacket that Adam wore during the tour. This is not slanderous or defamatory, he wore the jacket. You guys spew hate for nothing, I swear this man could kill a kitten and have your support.

Here’s a photo from the auction. Are you yelling at the guy who posted these pictures on eBay?!??

You guys really don’t know how to play nice. YOUR IDOL WORE THIS JACKET.


Not a figment of my imagination.

Adam Lambert’s jacket auctioned for $2,000 was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Deb

    You realize he’s Jewish right? The likelihood of that being a swastika is pretty low.

    • roberta

      Yep, I know he’s Jewish. I know it’s a Hindu symbol, but it’s strikingly similar to that of a swastika, which was all I was pointing out.

      • Mona

        That’s absurd. I’m not trying to be mean, but this could only drum up negative publicity, so I think you should really think hard before you post something like this. Adam is Jewish and so am I. I find it highly offensive that you would even suggest that he is anti-semitic. Seriously, what you’re suggesting is going to offend way too many people.

        • Annie

          If your offended, maybe you should remember he is the one who was wearing it on his jacket. I’m a huge Adam fan, but thats not a hindu symbol. It’s a swastika. (No dots, so it’s easy to tell) I have no clue what he was thinking but wearing a swastika (or two) was a VERY poor error in judgement. It’s offensive. Again, I love Adam. Voted a bunch of times, bought the Rolling Stone, went to the concert and bought a t-shirt with his face on it. But even if he wasn’t promoting nazi ideals, I have no clue why on earth he would wear something like that when the swastika is seen by most of the world as symbolic of one of the biggest genocides. Ever. I know he’s Jewish, which makes it even more upsetting. Everyone who is pretending it isn’t a big deal, I am offended by YOU. The wearing of a swastika is just wrong, even if it is Adam Lambert. Again, I’m a big fan, remain a big fan, but wearing a swastika is not justifiable. It just isn’t. Yes, I know the swastika doesn’t just represent Nazi ideals, but all the same, if he wanted a symbol to represent peace he should have written a peace sign.

          • Mona

            First of all, do you know Adam Lambert? Do you know that this is his jacket? I am offended by the fact that someone has to point something out without proper justification. I feel very strongly that you aren’t an Adam fan and possibly anti-semitic yourself, if you profess to be so offended. Your outrage is to drum up bad publicity for Adam, that is all. Adam fans know that being both gay and Jewish, it would be blasphemy to defend Hitler. Annie, it is apparent to me that out of all the people you chose to criticize, it is the person who is also Jewish. Shame on you for being prejudiced.

          • Annie

            How is being offended by someone wearing a swastika anti-semitic? I’m pretty sure its the opposite. And I didn’t single Adam out to criticize him. I was trolling the internet to find out when “Time for Miracles” was coming out, again, because I love me some Adam Lambert. And again, I STILL love me some Adam Lambert. But it breaks my heart HE would wear a swastika, because he is both gay and jewish. Both would have gotten him killed during the Holocaust. I wouldn’t have been compelled to say anything but all of these comments by ignorant people calling Roberta “racist” and telling her she has no right to blog about this is rediculous. And, by the way, do YOU know Adam Lambert?

          • imrah

            if you read hindu scripture, swstika is mentioned and painted everywhere. hitler came onto the picture way later and used as a symbol. Dots or no dots it is still hindu symbole.

      • imrah

        swastika is hindu scriptura and written as swastika same name. hitler used it thats all. it was and is hindu symbol.

        • Annie

          I never said the swastika meant anything other than peace. However, you cannot deny that some people are offended by it today because what Hitler did. Hitler changed the way people think about the swastika, and that is a fact.

      • Maria


        Don’t let people give you flack for pointing out the swastikas. Journalism is to tell the truth. I am a huge Adam fan and will continue to be. But it showed ignorance and poor judgment to wear the jacket like that. He could have taken a magic marker and colored over them if the designer added them. He obviously never had any known relatives as holocaust survivors or victims. It is dangerous whenever one makes an idol of someone, to turn a blind eye to their flaws. You can love a person with flaws, but it is dangerous to actually believe a person is absent of all flaws, which I as a huge fan have come to think about Adam. Thanks for pointing it out- You did the right thing. You did not tea Adam down. I personally do not know any person who would wear that jacket with those symbols on it, and I hang out with everyday people. They would not even consider it.

  • Teri63

    OK, so if you know what the symbols are and that he’s not being racist, why run the headline you did? That’s just wrong and an obvious attempt to get hits on your site at Adam’s expense.

    • Lola

      Please remove the word swastika from the headline title. I find it offensive for someone to use it in a way to get hits to their site and to have lots of replies. this is my last comment because I am never coming back to this site ever again.

  • WitchyWoman

    Yeah Roberta, I have to agree. I usually flove you, but the headline you’re running is designed to blow this out of proportion and generate the kind of backlash you claim to feel is unwarranted. pp

  • lori

    That’s ridiculous Adam is Jewish! You are obviously trying to start something out of nothing. I think you are the racist.

    • Annie

      1) How is wearing a swastika “nothing”?
      2) How on earth is SHE racist? HE wore a swastika.

      • Mona

        Wow, you are a terribly angry person, aren’t you! You certainly took plenty of time to read everyone’s comments and comment back. Can YOU spell “I AM BORED”?

        • Annie

          You are correct. I am bored. But I’m not actually that angry. Well, maybe just a little. Swastikas make me angry.

          • Mona

            Seems like it’s very important to you to get the last word in, so I’ll let you. I refuse to make any further comments to someone who is extraordinarily closed minded. Enjoy your moment, since your life is apparently that boring.

          • Annie

            Thank you. I do generally like to have the last word. And apparently you are JUST as bored as me because you keep responding. However, I am curious as to how I’m closed minded? By thinking that swastikas shouldn’t be worn because we should show respect for the people to have died because of twisted Nazi ideals? I KNOW that the swastika can stand for many different things. I KNOW. I KNOW. I KNOW. I get it. However, why would anyone choose to still wear it knowing how offended people could become? I feel like I’ve typed this about 100 times… Having a conversation with someone who has NO basic reasoning skills is tough.

      • imrah

        swastika symbol is on ewrything religious in hindu books.

        • Annie

          Cool beans.

  • Lisa

    You should remove the word “swastika” from the headline. There’s no reason for it when you know Adam would never have one on his jacket. Would you like the same thing done to you and every article of your clothing analyzed? He auctioned it off for charity, too. shakes head

  • Vicki

    Adam is donating something for charity and you try to turn it into something negative? What is wrong with you. You are a disgrace as a human being.

    • Lola

      ok, first off does anyone know if Adam Lambert auctioned this jacket off for charity?? I haven’t heard that he did. Second, the only jacket I have heard mentioned from Adam Lambert is the leather one that was made for him. a fan asked him what he was going to do with that particular jacket and he stated on twitter (I believe that’s where he mentioned it)that he may auction it off for charity. please let me know if there is word from Mr. Lambert stating he did auction off the jacket/vest in question.

  • Karla

    First of all Adam didn’t auction this and it wasn’t part of the campaign for

    Is he anti-Semitic? I doubt it. He’s Jewish. You did know that right?

    Funny that you’re complaining about a backlash when the only thing you’ve done here is contribute to it.

  • Susan L

    Let’s focus on the fact that Adam just managed to get another $2000 to suffering schools! Let’s “keep our eyes on the prize”, as he often says.

    That particular symbol is thrown around a lot in many different ways. If you listen to Adam with his message of love and tolerance and his eye-winking attitude towards the “bad boy” aspects of the rock world, you would know that there is nothing neo-nazi about the guy–even if he wasn’t Jewish.

    It seems to me Roberta, that you are just looking for a way to increase internet hits.

  • lmbarth

    Oh for christ sake, you people will do anything to get some hits on your website. First of all Adam is not auctioning off this jacket, it’s someone who sells celebrity clothing after they are done with it. Second, it looks to me like a pinwheel, nothing more. Why does everyone have to read something into everything. There is not always a hidden meaning behind everything! This is slanderous.

  • Wicked Glitter

    That symbol has always meant good luck or world peace . My son has that symbol on some of of his t- shirts. My son is not a nazi. Since these young adults did not experience the war, or it’s aftermath, they do not feel the same taboo’s that the older generations feel.

    • Anna

      Excellent you do know this comes up on google right? Most people will not read this whole thing and will presume Adam is some sort of self hating neo-nazi.

      A++ writing.

  • maggy

    Adam once said that he thought everything happens for a reason, and if so, I can see at least four reasons why Adam may have used the “swastika” design on his jacket.

    1) The swastika is a commonly found ancient symbol that dates back to almost 1000 BCE. It is an ancient symbol, much like the eye of Horus (Adam Lambert’s tattoo). It was been found on pottery and coins from Troy. It was used in China, Japan, India, southern Europe and by the First Nations people in North American to represent life, sun, power, strength, and good luck. It was appropriated by the Nazis in the 19th century as part of their Germanic myth (like the music of Wagner), but was in no way created by the Nazis. Adam has a self-avowed interest in ancient astrology and mythologies.

    2) There is also a LONG tradition in postmodernity (our time) with re-appropriation of symbols that were once used by dominant groups for the denigration of minorities; instead when used and ‘owned’ by the oppressed, the formerly oppressive symbols become powerful positive signs for the formerly oppressed, an identification to like members, a badge of honour and a calling to action. For example, the “N” word is re-appropriated for use and accepted by some within the black community; or the pink triangle, used again by Nazis to brand homosexuals being sent for extermination has become a symbol of gay and lesbian identity and pride; or Madonna (the queen of appropriation) freely used traditional symbols of religion and stereotypes of sexuality, to exploded traditional female mythology. Adam, as a Gay Jewish American, being three times the enemy of real Nazis, may therefore be able to cite three strong motivations for re-appropriating the symbol.

    3) There is also a LONG tradition of Rock and Roll appropriating traditional symbols to send them up, to explode them, Madonna, again, or British anarchists who appropriated the national flag, the Union Jack, or Jimi Hendrix wearing the Star-spangled banner, or many, many different groups and the swastika. It is a powerful and seducing symbol, and Adam has shown little fear of utilizing any of his tools for seduction.

    4) Ultimately, Adam is intelligent enough, self aware enough, and savvy enough to use any of these motivations, or all of them… or he may have just come up with a few new ones of his own. In the end, a little drawing has caused a lot of talk and thought, and undoubtedly increased the auction value of the jacket. More importantly, the talk will mean more money for donors-choice, more money for school children, and more money for the arts, a very good thing.

  • Gosh

    Could you please just edit the title of your article? If you support Adam at all you wouldn’t do this. You’re article comes up in the main news results for him on Google.

    This would have gone largely unnoticed if you weren’t using him to drum up hits for your page.

    Its kind of cruel actually.

    Besides that, this auction is NOT one that was ran by Adam at all, it was done by someone else who also auctioned off clothing for other idols from this summer’s tour.

  • Meghan

    Great. This comes up in a google search of his name. I hope he sues you for what you’re doing to him. Obviously I won’t be stopping by your blog again.

  • AdamBomb

    Since Adam is Jewish, this is a ridiculous non-issue. It’s an ancient Indian good luck sign that the last empress (Alexandra Romanoff) of Russia actually collected. Hitler stole it away and used it as his symbol. When I saw your headline, I thought that it was an old nazi jacket. Your headline is misleading.

  • wiccagirl2009

    This is definitely a non-issue for me. First of all is this confirmed? If Adam is auctioning his jacket, he would have announced this via twitter. The first time i read this article is with Vote for The Worst which we know doesn’t like Adam at all. Did they verify the source??? I doubt. Those people there would just like to hit out on Adam. Then Rickey picked up the news. He also is not an adam fan. He too didn’t check out his sources.

    And i checked DSB video, i didn’t see this markings on his jacket. Ohhhh maybe my eyes are not that good but still i checked!!!!

    This is another way of putting down Adam Lambert. I don’t understand why people putting down a good person.

  • wiccagirl2009

    BTW, i will still buy Adam’s CD. :-) Adam Rocks!

    • Annie

      Agreed :)

  • Josie

    Don’t tell me, let me guess…you’re a fan of one of the other Idols. That’s the only reason I can come up with for why you wrote this. Lest you forget, not only did the Nazis persecute Jews, they persecuted gays as well. Adam is both. Somehow I doubt he’s any kind of Nazi sympathizer.

    The only “media” I know of that has addressed this has been a couple of American Idol-related websites, which mean absolutely nothing outside of the AI “bubble”. Nice of you to try to spread it further, however. {rolls eyes}

  • Jay

    I hope he sues your a*se off.Pathetic and to link it with his charity too . You’re too low for words.

  • Sam

    Your headline is criminally misleading! The Nazi swastika angles run counter clockwise. The symbol on the jacket has angles running clockwise. In China, Korea, India and Japan, it denotes plurality, prosperity, and long life. The counterclockwise swastika was the symbol of the Nazi Party. Change your headline. And anyhow, what proof do you have that the jacket is the genuine article worn by Adam on tour?

  • dumba

    It’s moron’s like you who blow it out of proportion. Idiot.

  • Avery

    My god are you that stupid? Did you check the auction? Do you even do any fact checking?

    Lambert didn’t auction off this piece of clothing. I hope he’s smart enough to sue your ignorant a$$.

  • Sunny

    Count this as the last time I ever visit your site. It’s disappointing but I’ll live.

  • angel

    It’s silly to try and make some controversy out of this, being that Adam is Jewish. I doubt he would really have a swastika on his clothing. Do you know if it’s even really him selling the jacket?

  • Carmen

    Having lived in Asia for several years, I was surprised by the extensive & wide spread use of the swastika. It is indeed a Hindu symbol that has been used for thousands of years peaceably. Temples and society buildings are decorated with hundreds of swastikas on the wall papers, the facia, and the fences and gates.

    Unfortunately, an advisor of Hitler was a Hindu, and recommended using the symbol to represent the Nazi movement. I believe the Nazi symbol is inverted from the Hindu.

    However, saying the Hindu symbol represents Nazism, is like saying that the Christian Cross represents the KKK. It may have been used at one time in history by evil people, but has been used for thousands of years peaceably.

  • Sue

    So and VFTW are all declaring battle on Adam just so their boy Kris can look good. My question to Glamerts is what are you going to do about it? Are you going to take this gargage? Should someone pay the price for this? Should Kris be spared the backlash. Time to organize and win this war. Rickey and VFTW need to pay the price for this, Do not go back to Rickey or this low budget site again in only adds $$$ for them. Go back to your headquarters and come up with a plan, spread the news

    • roberta

      I actually prefer Adam over Kris’ music, to be honest. And this site is far from low budget.

  • jolie

    The jacket was sold by someone in Nashville, TN. The eBay user ID: amazingdesignerfinds. Simply go to eBay, do an advanced search for seller: amazingdesignerfinds, then see completed listings. You will also see that they sold Matt, Danny, and Kris items (clothing) from the tour as well, though it didn’t fetch close to that jacket. They even sold the infamous belt!!!!! BTW, I doubt this article hurts… seems more like an explanation to what’s already been circulating the internet since this morning.

    • roberta

      I stand corrected and have corrected the information in the post as well as the title. That’s all I can do.

      • Masie

        You did not correct anything. You are still saying that Adam auctioned off the jacket. You are a liar.

        Very last time I or my friends visit this blog.

      • Amee

        Right. You corrected it. That’s why it still comes up with the word swastika in google.

        This may cost Lambert a little bit. But seriously, he’s a gay Jew so no one is going to really buy it.

        But you Roberta, you’ve lost the respect of many blog readers.

  • Susan

    DON”T YOU GET IT? Lambert didn’t auction the jacket!!! You can’t legally say what isn’t true. He had nothing to do with the sale of the jacket on Ebay. The person selling the Jacket also sold Kris Allen’s clothing as well as Danny Gokey’s! You’re just putting Adam’s name in the headline for hits. You don’t care that it isn’t accurate or true.

    Pathetic excuse for journalism.

  • jc

    oooh my, you can get sued for this…

  • terie

    I for one as a LOYAL ADAM LAMBERT FAN intend to boycott this site, Ricky’s site and any other site that prints GARBAGE about him and I URGE ALL ADAM’S FANS to do the same … no hits means good bye writer and hopefully good bye site. GARBAGE STINKS as does this BS. Congratulations TROLLS and BASHERS … you started it … TOO BAD!!!

    • roberta

      I am the owner of the site, so boycott all you want, I’m not going anywhere and neither is the site. It doesn’t thrive on Adam Lambert stans.

  • terie

    @Annie: GO BACK to your own Idols website … your opinion is not WANTED nor NEEDED!!!!

    • Annie

      Because I’m not going to pretend wearing swastikas is “A-Ok”? Guess what. It’s not. It just isn’t. I’m guessing your a big Adam fan, and so am I, but really? The fact that so many people are defending him is great, I guess. I’m sure his album sales wont hurt a bit (and I am STILL going to buy his album), but if Danny Gokey has swastikas on the sides of his glasses he would get shot. Because its offensive. And Terie, your opinion is not wanted nor needed. If Adam decides he wants to kill people, is it ok just because hes Adam freaking Lambert? Stop playing down the wearing of a swastika. It’s gross.

      • Mona

        By the way, you really need to learn how to spell. You are in a contraction is you’re.

        • Annie

          Ok. Next time I make a point I’ll watch my contractions.

      • imrah

        Do your rserch dummy. swastika is hindu religious symbol.Hitler used it so all Hindus should stop using it? meaning of swastika has not changed just because hitler used it.

        • Annie

          I know. But in mainstream society (in America, where we ARE) it has negative connotations. Do your research dummy. :)

          • Annie

            And the swastika is not just a “hindu religious symbol”. It has also been used ind Buddhism, Jainism and Mithraism.

          • imrah

            look dummy with close mind only has one track mind.doesent want to learn real deep meaning of swastika.

          • Annie

            I know what the real meaning of a swaktika it. It’s peace. Hilter construed it so it meant something different. And to this day, it still means peace. I know that. How am I closed minded? I’m not refusing to believe anything.

          • Smanfa

            Annie, you’ve just nullified the point of all the posts you’ve made. I’m glad you’ve got so much time to waste. I wish I had.

          • Annie

            You make NO sense. I know that the swastika means peace, BUT its shows poor judgement to wear it because it still offends people after what happened during the Holocaust. PLEASE read all the posts I’ve made. I’m really not trying to be a jerk, but all these people ignoring simple facts about what happened in history is getting annoying.

  • Sue

    Robert, I appreciate your effort to try to clean the mess, this manufactured scandal will blow over. Adam has the best Public Relation people behind him. The problem is that the young kids who worked hard to raise
    money for the teachers and students for should not be affected by this. Garbage spreads on the internet. Adam is getting ready to hand over checks to these teachers and why should this issue overshadow it. Glad that you are an Adam fan
    but Adam fans know all the sites they feel safe to go to and you would get a whole lot more support had this been only positive. We are a dedicated group and HUGE, US and Internationally. They will be many, many more Adam stories to come so why alienate us now.

    • Smanfa

      Sue, no he hasn’t. If Adam had PR people behind him worthy of the name, we wouldn’t have to be swallowing what is currently attempting to pass as “Adam Lambert-like talent” on X Factor!

  • Sue

    @Annie, please don’t jump into this. I have lurked on Danny threads and one thing I can say is that is fans very rarely have any thing negative thing to say about Adam, Even though Danny was not my favorite I have a lot more respect for his fans than I do Kris. So don’t start a fan war with Danny and Adam. Kris fans has the issues here and their boy was the winner, go figure.They cannot stop going to every Adams story and make a scene. BTW because of Danny fans I just may purchase his CD.

    • Annie

      Sorry, I wasn’t trying to start “war”. I was just using him as an example. “People cant get away with wearing swastikas because it is offensive.” Danny wasn’t my favorite on the show either, but I’m sure he is nice, dandy and lovely. As are his fans. And so is Kris. And Adam. And Allison. And I might purchase his CD as well, because though he wasn’t my favorite, he is still very talented. :)

      • Sam

        Annie – the symbol on the jacket isn’t offensive – it’s an ancient ASIAN SYMBOL OF PEACE with the angles running in the opposite direction of the Nazi symbol. Adam hasn’t done anything ofensive by wearing the jacket with those symbols on it – if indeed he ever wore it. What’s offensive is uninformed people using inaccurate and misleading headlines that give Adam (or anyone) a bad rap. It’s almost as bad as choosing to believe everything you read.

        • Annie

          Actually, the angles are running in the SAME direction as the Nazi symbol. (I don’t claim to know this off the top of my head. I must admit, I googled) And he did wear the jacket, for all of the “American Idols Live!” shows. It is possible he didn’t know which way the angles where supposed to run, just like I didn’t. But all the same, the swastika has such terrible connotations, he should have known better than to wear it, even if he meant it as a symbol for peace. Not saying he is a Nazi. In fact, I’m sure he isn’t. He seems like a really good guy, raising money for schools and such. But while Adam didn’t actually auction off his jacket, it was still a jacket with swastikas. Again, big Adam fan, I know hes not a Nazi, I’m sure he wasn’t wearing the swastika to be anti-semitic. But all the same, ffter the Holocaust, I think we can all agree a better sign to represent peace is the peace sign. :)

          • imrah

            annie? must you always have last word? are you married or even in relationship? Do you have any friends? I bet answer is no to all of the above beacause you are perfact example of bitter hag. You will burn in hell for what you doing to Adam. He is the kindest person i have ever met.

          • Annie

            Because I like peace signs and dislike swastikas I’m alone, have no friends, am a bitter hag, and I’m going to burn in hell? And what am I doing to Adam? If you have read any of my posts (I can’t type them again, sorry, just can’t) I have only said positive things about him. The ONLY thing I have said that wasn’t positive was I disagree with him wearing something that could offend so many people because of the negative connotations it carries. I never claimed he was evi/bad/a Nazi. Ever. Not once. I never attacked him. You attacked me. And yes, I try to always have the last word. ;)

    • Smanfa

      Sue, I agree. Danny’s fans have always generally come across as level headed and mature (whatever their ages). Kris fans generally come across as childish (whatever their ages).

      Believe me, they will stop at nothing to make Adam look bad. Unfortunately, neither will another Daniel who Adam foolishly trusts because of who his brother is.

  • Mona

    Jewish people don’t try to bash other Jewish people by wearing swastikas. That’s like a white person saying, “I hate all white people” or a person from China saying, “I hate all the Chinese.” Make sure you interview Adam before you make these statements. Rushing to judgment is just ignorant.

    • Annie

      I didn’t say Adam was trying to “bash other Jewish people.” Neither did Roberta. All I am saying is after all that has happened, swastikas shouldn’t be worn because when the majority of people see them, they think of the Nazis and the horrible things that they did. I’m not rushing to judgment. I dont claim to know why he put the swastikas on his jacket. I just know that he did. Again, I’m sure he is a nice guy, he donates to charity, he is an amazingly talented singer and performer. I dont think he is a Nazi. Roberta never claimed he was a Nazi. But the FACT is he put a swastika on his jacket. You cannot argue that. You could argue that he didn’t mean anything offensive by it, and I am sure he didn’t. But it shouldn’t have been put on a jacket when it could be misinterpreted. Again, peace is better represented with a peace sign. :)

  • terie

    Roberta: If ADAM didn’t auction the jacket then why does it say that he did on Google? Can’t that be removed or corrected as well as your headline was?

    • roberta

      I can’t change what’s already in Google News.

  • Rivers

    Lol, pathetic. You merely amended the headline contained in your article and not the URL. You very obviously are doing this for hits, nothing else. Low, low, but then again you are far from the only person making the most out of Adam’s name. That’s not an excuse, by the way.

    And as for the those clowns ignorant enough to be offended by this, learn a little more about world-wide culture before making such generalisations. That looks like a turban the figurine is wearing, which is clearly an Indian heritage and connotes the original symbolism of the swastika portrayed here. (I can’t believe I am bothering to discuss this.) It has a very different meaning in other Eastern countries, if you choose to disregard that, then that shows narrow-mindedness and an unwillingness to learn about other cultures, which is very sad.

    • roberta

      I’m not going to be able to edit the URL. I’m done catering to everyone over this. I changed the headline, and corrected the details, as the source was unclear.

      Also — Please stop acting like I’m the ex-owner of the jacket which looks like it has a swastika on it. You are all busy assuming that I’ve posted this for the benefit of one of his competitors, and that’s also untrue. I can’t believe how childish some of you are. IT WASN’T MY JACKET!

    • Annie

      I know there are plently off different ways to interprete a swastika. It has been used in many religions over hundreds of years, in many different cultures. I’m not an ignorant clown. I’m assuming your talking about me because I’m the only person who seems to have a problem with some one wearing a swastika on a jacket. In our culture the swastika has a clear meaning, and it isn’t good. AGAIN, I know he didn’t mean any thing offensive but you cannot ignore the connotations of the swastika after the Holocaust and when you live in a world with more people than yourself (as we all do) you should try and be more sensitive after so many people have died. (I can’t believe I am bothering to discuss this.)

  • Sue

    Exactly Rivers Only in America would ignorance rule.
    The education system here has done a disservice to us. Other countries are so much smarter than we are when it comes to customs and culture. I have family living all over internationally and they think America is dumb and stupid. Why would Adam combine a turban with a swastika. How about we all look at it cross eyed and maybe we will feel better. It’s a Buddha symbol people.

  • Sue

    Also when his Jewish community starts to complain, than everyone can give their own opinions until then I don’t think Adams needs to worry they are very proud of him.

  • Journ

    Mmm… Annie and Roberta’s comments seem to complement each other.

    This is a typical example of cheap journalism.

  • Journ

    If you really aren’t thriving on Adam Lambert’s news and other farts, just don’t mention his name ever again. Case closed!

    roberta 2 hours ago

    I am the owner of the site, so boycott all you want, I’m not going anywhere and neither is the site. It doesn’t thrive on Adam Lambert stans.

  • imrah

    I am hindu by religion. swastika is preset(drawn) with sacred pint prior to religious ceremonies and prayers and cosidered auspcious. I dont know how hitler got hold of it.

  • sue

    To Adam fans, the only people who are sensitive to the
    swastika symbol are the Jews. Half of America hates Blacks, Hispanic and Jews anyway so they could not care less and the other half are minorities, so let’s not feed the beast any more.

    • Annie

      “The only people who are sensitive to the swastika symbol are the Jews?” I think anyone who finds what happened during the Holocaust horrific is sensitive to the swastika. (Like myself) And “half of American hates blacks, hispanics and jews?” Where on earth are you getting your numbers? Do I get to use faulty logic to argue my point as well? I think thats a little silly. What happened during World War 2 is a touchy suject, and like it or not, the swastika has come to represent something very dark. Is it fair that the swasika is thought of as the Nazi symbol after it has been used for so many years in Hindu and other religions? Nope. But it has. It sucks, but its true.

  • jc

    Adam’s latest twat:

    Tokio Hotel album is out too!!! Love them Germans!

    ROFLMAO…help me…can’t stop laughing…I swear I can’t LUUUVVV him more…This dude really has a good sense of humor…that was classy snark!

    • Angel

      I was just going to say the insinuation of this jacket news is the ‘UNKINDEST CUT OF ALL’ until I read your blog about ADAM’s tweet! LOL! ADAM is truly an amazing person. Like you, @jc, I can’t love him more! Always a touch of class!

  • Roberta

    I’ll say it one last time, I am not removing anything further from the URL or the title. I was not the one that wore a jacket with a swastika-like symbol on it. Take out your frustrations with Adam on Twitter.

  • Maria


    Don’t let people give you flack for pointing out the swastikas. Journalism is to tell the truth. I am a huge Adam fan and will continue to be. But it showed ignorance and poor judgment to wear the jacket like that. He could have taken a magic marker and colored over them if the designer added them. He obviously never had any known relatives as holocaust survivors or victims. It is dangerous whenever one makes an idol of someone, to turn a blind eye to their flaws. You can love a person with flaws, but it is dangerous to actually believe a person is absent of all flaws, which I as a huge fan have come to think about Adam. Thanks for pointing it out- You did the right thing. You did not tea Adam down. I personally do not know any person who would wear that jacket with those symbols on it, and I hang out with everyday people. They would not even consider it.

  • Maria


    Don’t let people give you flack for pointing out the swastikas. Journalism is to tell the truth. I am a huge Adam fan and will continue to be. But it showed ignorance and poor judgment to wear the jacket like that. He could have taken a magic marker and colored over them if the designer added them. He obviously never had any known relatives as holocaust survivors or victims. It is dangerous whenever one makes an idol of someone, to turn a blind eye to their flaws. You can love a person with flaws, but it is dangerous to actually believe a person is absent of all flaws, which I as a huge fan have come to think about Adam. Thanks for pointing it out- You did the right thing. You did not tear Adam down. I personally do not know any person who would wear that jacket with those symbols on it, and I hang out with everyday people. They would not even consider it.

  • Carole

    That’s not even his jacket and the items that have been auctioned purporting to Kris and Danny’s are not their clothes either.

  • Carole


    The kindest thing you could do is remove that hideous picture on the top right-hand side of the screen. Not the one of the jacket, the one next to it.

  • ClareS

    You do realise that the same person who organised the blocking of the phone lines and brought along those male stripper types to one of the concerts for Adam to very naively pose with could be the same one who drew on Adam’s jacket, don’t you? He was seen carrying it around backstage and nothing surprises me about that guy.

    • staciegirlie

      Clare, is this true? Did that guy actually have Adam’s jacket at one point?

  • Smanfa

    Ignorant idiots embarrassing themselves. That symbol points the wrong way to be a swastika. If anyone should be offended, it should be Hindus that one of their religious symbols is being mistaken for a swastika. Let me see who can be the first igmoramus to suggest that the Hindu religion should rethink its age old symbols …………..

  • ianaleah

    Get a life; the jacket was just an attractive piece for the tour, with no meaning attached to it.

  • RoRo

    I do to! (Want his new album). As the Nazis didn’t exactly invent the swastika, for someone to start claiming that Lambert is racist is to show their ignorance. After all, his mother, whom he seems very close to, is Jewish.

  • staciegirlie

    “I know he’s not racist, and this is probably something the media is blowing out of proportion.”

    Um, Roberta, the only media I’ve seen blowing this out of proportion and even reporting on it is you. It’ funny how another “Roberta” from Allie is Wired Entertainment blog is the only other reporter reporting the same thing. Coincidence? I think not. Coincidences are fairy tales.

    Has it ever once crossed your mind that Adam’s jacket could have been revamped from a second hand store, which many cutting edge underground singers, and one of a kind designers get their stuff from? You know the type who find a simple jacket, then do their own thing with it?

    • roberta

      There’s no coincidence there. He’s in the public eye and he wore a swastika, it’s news.

      • staciegirlie

        I take it your among those within the Jewish community whose taking this harder than need be. Also here’s somting else I doubt is a coincidence. Your article coincides with Adam’s CD being available for presales. His Album WAS at #1 before your article and now has been slipping all the way down to #5 since your article.

      • Oberain

        That’s a bit absurd calling it news. I’m sure the world revolves around whether or not some pop idol wore a jacket that may or may not have had a nazi symbol on it.

        Regardless it’s not as though a gay jew is going to be walking around wearing nazi regalia on his clothes, if it is a swastika it is obviously hearkening back to the millenia before the nazis rose to power where it was a positive symbol, since you even said it was surrounded by other hindu symbolism.

        Also you seem to imply in your comments that he’s an evil bad man for wearing this and it is some great crime and blah blah blah. Again? Gay jew. Obviously not meant as a nazi symbol.

        Thank you for sincerely for bringing this direly important news story to our attention, when is your action packed expose on the Iranian revolution coming?

  • Janet

    Adam is jewish, you’re right RoRo, the swastika was not invented by the Nazis, that symbol had been created a long time before the nazis were founded and has a totally different meaning and is far removed to what the Nazis tried to blemish it with, people should research and find true facts before they write and judge. I just wish people would lighten up and stop putting dirt on Adam Lambert, chances are it’s a totally different symbol, but some ham writer has to assume and run with it.

  • Kate

    Too bad this gifted man is a lightening rod for such garbage like this.

    Here for anyone who is rational and wants to educate themselves and this ancient symbol are some further explanations for it other than the one we currently (hysterically) apply to it. Thanks to the evil short guy with the tiny mustache known as Hitler, we as a society go completely insane if we see that symbol. Are we letting him dictate from the grave how we should feel seeing an ancient Egyptian or Greek symbol? He stole it but he did not invent it.

    Let’s stamp out ignorance by refusing to let our emotions be hijacked by this stuff. Educate yourselves and refuse to buy into this.

    Let’s evolve into rash and educated beings that will not be hijacked by lesser intelligent beings who use a symbol for controversy.

    This is about success, the success of Adam Lambert. Too bad that people cannot stick to just his ability to sing. Small minds can be so destructive.

  • JLM

    Please! That is a replica of a picture from an Album. Adam is Jewish – so get over the whole emphasis on swastikas!! Really doesn’t need to be seen that way every time someone draws a picture.

  • Jay

    Kate, I applaud your post. This is exactly what this is about, ignorant, small minded people trying to create drama from nothing. No wonder he didn’t win AI with all this hatred and jealousy seething away. Thank you for your open mind and intelligence.

  • todd

    Um, no, the Nazis didn’t “invent” the swastika but they certainly made it their own. What kind of a Jew would put a swastika on his clothing?

  • boris

    I think this talk of the Nazis not inventing the swastika is hilarious. No, they didn’t INVENT it, but when you think of a swastika what do you think of? It’s a well-known Nazi symbol throughout the world. When someone paints a swastika on a synagogue, nobody says the Nazis didn’t invent it so it doesn’t really represent hate.

  • AdamFan

    Well here’s another website to boycott for spreading untrue negativity about Adam. So everyone – note to all:
    NEVER READ EARSUCKER AGAIN. These sites live off the advertising clicks. There is no excuse for this crap.

    • roberta

      Please feel free to exit stage left, I WAS NOT THE ONE WEARING A SWASTIKA JACKET – YOUR IDOL WAS! DUMB!

      • Jay

        What’s dumber Roberta, defending what is clearly much ado about nothing, or posting hateful slanderous articles on a crappy blog for hits?. Interesting how initially you were sure it was ‘a symbol resembling a swastika’ now you are openly asserting its a swastika. What next, are you going to accuse him of being a homophobe?.

        • roberta

          You seriously need to get a hobby.

          • jc

            DANG, bad economy…someone has to stoop down to the lowest of low to earn a living…Soooo sad!…oooh,

  • Marsha


    The swastika (Sanskrit svastika, “all is well”) is a cross with four arms of equal length, with the ends of each arm bent at a right angle. Sometimes dots are added between each arm.

    The swastika is an ancient symbol that has been found worldwide, but it is especially common in India. Its name comes the Sanskrit word svasti (sv = well; asti = is), meaning good fortune, luck and well-being.

    The swastika is most commonly used as a charm to bring good fortune (in which case the arms are bent clockwise), but it has a variety of religious meanings as well.

    The right-hand swastika is one of the 108 symbols of the god Vishnu as well as a symbol of the sun and of the sun god Surya. The symbol imitates in the rotation of its arms the course taken daily by the sun, which appears in the Northern Hemisphere to pass from east, then south, to west. (It is also a symbol of the sun among Native Americans.)

    The left-hand swastika (called a sauvastika) usually represents the terrifying goddess Kali, night and magic. However, this form of the swastika is not “evil” and it is the form most commonly used in Buddhism.

    The auspicious symbol of the swastika is very commonly used in Hindu art, architecture and decoration. It can be seen on temples, houses, doorways, clothing, cars, and even cakes. It is usually a major part of the decoration for festivals and special ceremonies like weddings.

    The Nazis adopted the swastika because it was understood as an Aryan symbol indicating racial purity and superiority. (The Nazis propogated a historical theory in which the early Aryans of India were white invaders.) There may also be a connection with the swastika’s magical connections, for Hitler and other Nazi leaders were keenly interested in the occult.

    • kathleen

      Hurray for you Marsha & for willowisp & HACJ…..&
      everyone else who has emailed the possitive side to this THING that seems to have a life of it’s own from
      this story!What were we talkin’ about? Oh yes, Adam’s
      Jacket which has apparently brought money to the cause
      ( Oh, and I was hoping that Adam would
      have it set up in the price of his music for some of the proceeds to go to a charity for the arts..or is it that way now? (Or it could be where you add something to the price of your purchase to go for the
      charity. ‘Just a thought.

  • willowisp

    The swastika has been around a lot longer than when Hitler got hold of it. Swastika if from the Indian Sanskrit , orginally was svastika, which are equilaterial arms promoting good luck, people wore them as talismans , the root stika means well being. Any one who knows anything about Adam knows what a spiritual being he is and that he would never promote hate or evil or wear anything of the kind.Like his eye of horus tattoo which is a sign of light and protection. It’s unfortunate that the ignorant will go on to believe stupid and false meanings and create negativity and hate. It’s great to see a lot of other posts from evolved people who know something of this symbol


    The following is an excerpt from ABOUT.COM regarding the swastika symbol. I’m sure this is the representation of the symbol that Adam was intending.

    The Oldest Known Symbol: The swastika is an ancient symbol that has been used for over 3,000 years. (That even predates the ancient Egyptian symbol, the Ankh!) Artifacts such as pottery and coins from ancient Troy show that the swastika was a commonly used symbol as far back as 1000 BCE. During the following thousand years, the image of the swastika was used by many cultures around the world, including in China, Japan, India, and southern Europe. By the Middle Ages, the swastika was a well known, if not commonly used, symbol but was called by many different names: China – wan; England – fylfot; Germany – Hakenkreuz; Greece – tetraskelion and gammadion; India – swastika. Though it is not known for exactly how long, Native Americans also have long used the symbol of the swastika.

    The Original Meaning: The word “swastika” comes from the Sanskrit svastika – “su” meaning “good,” “asti” meaning “to be,” and “ka” as a suffix. Until the Nazis used this symbol, the swastika was used by many cultures throughout the past 3,000 years to represent life, sun, power, strength, and good luck.

  • Kate

    Todd and Boris your post made my point. Why would you hang on to the negative meaning of that symbol because a hate group used it? You can choose to believe a better meaning instead of mindlessly going along like sheep. Don’t you feel manipulated by them if you only associate that symbol with the crazies?

    Since it is also a symbol which has more positive meanings to other societies in the world why not choose to side with them instead of with the intolerant crazies?

    It comes down to which meaning you choose not which meaning has been chosen for you. You are free to believe a better meaning any time you want. There is no law that says we all have to gasp when we see that symbol. If we do, then we are letting hate groups define who and what we believe.

    Discover what the true meaning of this symbol means and go with that. If hate groups want to paint symbols on things that really mean; the sun, good luck, or various other better choices that go as far back as 3,000 years–and believe that they are scaring people than they are idiots.

  • jc

    “I know he’s not racist, and this is probably something that the media is blowing out of proportion. If there were the dots surrounding the symbol, it would look more authentic. Poor guy, he’s probably going to get a lot of backlash for this.

    Having said that, I still want his new album.”


    • jc

      ETA: I think the backlash is the other way around!

  • steveo

    no one has picked up on the fact that this jacket is NOT the one he wore on the tour!!,. HE wore the same jacket every night of the tour. Look it up on utube. LEATHER, full sleaved, tails, spikes on shoulders and arms. DUHH. all the blogs and media sources jumping on this and it is a grade A reporting goof up (or total fraud) and no one seems to have done a couple minutes of fact checking.

    • staciegirlie

      He did wear a jean jacket during Don’t stop believing though.

  • terie

    You contradict yourself by saying “poor guy” and you are still going to buy his album and in the same breath bring the similarity of a swastika to light. If you harbor no ill will toward ADAM then why mention it at all let alone post an inflammatory headline on Google where you said it cannot be edited or removed? I’m confused … are you FOR or AGAINST ADAM?

  • ClareS

    ” I know he’s not racist, and this is probably something that the media is blowing out of proportion “

    Really, Roberta? What media? This site and two others. The media has ignored it as the non-event that it is. I mean, a Jewish gay man wearing a Nazi symbol? Please don’t criticise someone for having sufficient knowledge about the history of symbols, religions and cultures to know that the Nazis hijacked that symbol. That is as bad as Christians being banned from wearing crosses in case it offends those of minority religions while people of other religions can wear all the symbols and garments of their religion that they deem appropriate.

  • Blondiegrrl

    This article does not make sense. First you say they are Hindu symbols, and then you go off on some rant that, “This man could kill a kitten and have your support.” Can you explain the odd, bipolar nature of your comments? I’m scratching my head trying to figure out your intention here.
    As for my opinion … I don’t pretend to know what Adam’s reason was for having these on his jacket. Perhaps they were intended to be the ancient Eastern symbols, or perhaps this was Adam’s idea of irony. Regardless, I find it ridiculous to assume that a gay Jewish liberal who was quoted as saying, “God hates hate” would have any malicious intent.

    • Roberta

      I surely can explain my “bipolar” nature of my comments. I did not defame or slander Adam in my post whatsoever. I showed a picture of what he wore, which appeared to be swastikas. I didn’t have any ill intent, I stated the obvious. Commenters started ripping me a new one for posting about this. They said it was slanderous, libelous, and generally attacked me viciously for this article. I’ve changed the title of post to sate some readers who found it offensive, and yet I was still attacked at length. They said rude, nasty, and immature things towards me. I can’t get over how personal people take it when it’s been shown as a jacket he wore. I don’t understand the support that he’s garnered over wearing a jacket with swastikas on it. Having said that, I was a fan of his music. I updated the post out of frustration and my lack of understanding where all of this hate was coming from.

      • Blondiegrrl

        Ah, but in your post, you said they were “Hindu symbols that resemble swastikas,” and you expressed sympathy and support for him, but now you have changed your tune to, “I don’t understand the support that he’s garnered over wearing a jacket with swastikas on it.” That’s what I meant by you contradicting yourself. (Althought technically, they are swastikas regardless of their intent and symbolism, because that’s what the design is called.) For the record, I don’t think this article is libelous, nor did I accuse you of defamation or slander. But I also don’t think it’s worth getting worked up over because, as I’ve already stated, Adam’s actions have clearly shown that he is most definitely not a Nazi sympathizer.

  • Eric J

    I’m pretty sure that I just saw this Adam Lambert guy burning a cross on a black man’s lawn while spanking a man dressed in leather and wearing a ball gag.

    That’s just sick.

    Keep in mind that I’m not saying it was him, but he hasn’t denied it. Sick racist rapist.

  • Alison

    I suppose that you’re not aware that the Nazis not only killed the Jews, but also the gays and the handicapped. So, it would be more than completely absurd that Adam Lambert would be a Nazi sympathizer. But seriously, yawn, I’m feeling rather sleepy. Wake me up when you truly have something important to say.

    • Eric J

      So you’re saying that Adam Lambert is a gay, handicapped Jew? That would explain why he sucks so bad. By sucking badly, I mean his music, not penises. I’m sure he’s good at that.

  • chelsea

    the swastika was originally a hindu sign for peace, and that, if it means anything at all on his jacket, is what it means. He would never in a thousand years where the swastika that represented the nazis, the swatiska that represented the torturing and killing of Jews, gypsies, and HOMOSEXUALS. That doesn’t make sense. Adam is a genuine sweetheart, and it’s rude of you to insinuate when you don’t understand the situation fully. Leave the man alone. :(

  • Kedrick

    Holocaust. The word alone makes your skin crawl. I’m not Jewish, nor christian, for that matter…but I cannot stand a person, religion, etc., put down in the advancement of something else. We are ALL deserving of life, love, and liberty. The sooner it is accepted, the better.

    That said…Adam rocks. I’m not a fan of the “vote for your music choice” model that American Idol introduced to America’s shores, but I admire the tenacity and talent the artists who have survied this sensationalized contest receive.

    May you mature into better artists, live as you have been living (honest!!!), and reap the benefits of your talent if you choose to help people.

    People. No segment of the population. We are all…people.



    The Nazis used the swastika to symbolize a pure race. That meant killing anyone that was Jew AS WELL AS non-aryan, mentally challenged, GAY, gypsies, etc. Last time I checked, Adam is gay (and I've heard Jewish also???), which means he would have been a target by the Nazis as well. So there is no way he could be a "Nazi racist" unless he went back into the closet and blamed his homosexuality's bewitchment on the gypsy Jews or something.

    Plus, the swastika is one of the oldest symbols, dating back (I think about 5,000 years?) before the Nazi's adopted the symbol. It has way more history than what people give it credit for. But I believe other people have already mentioned that…. you can read their posts if you haven't already…