Adam Lambert’s jacket auctioned for $2,000

adam_lambert_jacketAdam Lambert has been raising money for and in doing so subsequently, has had his jacket from the Idols Tour auctioned off.

The jacket looks like it has a drawn picture of Iron Maiden’s “Eddie” character on it. Alongside Eddie, there’s a couple of Hindu symbols that resemble swastikas.

I know he’s not racist, and this is probably something that the media is blowing out of proportion. If there were the dots surrounding the symbol, it would look more authentic. Poor guy, he’s probably going to get a lot of backlash for this.

Having said that, I still want his new album.

For “journalistic integrity” as one reader pointed out, this is in fact the same jacket that Adam wore during the tour. This is not slanderous or defamatory, he wore the jacket. You guys spew hate for nothing, I swear this man could kill a kitten and have your support.

Here’s a photo from the auction. Are you yelling at the guy who posted these pictures on eBay?!??

You guys really don’t know how to play nice. YOUR IDOL WORE THIS JACKET.


Not a figment of my imagination.

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