Al Sharpton: Paris Jackson’s speech was not scripted

paris_jacksons_speech_not_scriptedMaybe you were one of the few who watched Paris Jackson’s emotional speech at the end of her father’s memorial and thought, “Wow, is this whole thing scripted for the entertainment value?” If you were, then you are not alone. (See what I did there?)

It’s hard for me to believe that Michael would have wanted his children, who he worked hard to protect from the prying eyes of the paparazzi, full on display in any arena, even at his own memorial.

But, for those of you who felt that Paris’ words were rehearsed, Al Sharpton says to suck it.

He said, “That touched everyone. And I think you couldn’t script that. She’s not reading a prompter. This is a young lady – in fact, if you saw it, they had really said they wanted Janet Jackson to speak. And Janet kind of brought her forward. And she spoke from the heart about her father. I think she’s worried about the whole world understanding how human Michael Jackson was.”

I can’t stand Al Sharpton and I really feel that anytime something happens to a black person, he gets elected to add his two cents. Obviously there were enough people saying that it was staged, to elicit a response from this toad.

What do you think?

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