Alex Loudon Dumped Pippa Middleton Over Her Sister Kate?

Alex Loudon Dumped Pippa Middleton Over Her Sister Kate?

Earlier this month, it was announced that Pippa Middleton and her boyfriend, Alex Loudon had broken up. At the time, we weren’t sure as to the reason behind his decision. Now, we’re hearing reports that he broke things off with her because he was sick and tired of coming second to Pippa’s Royal sister Kate!

Reportedly, he said that he thought Pippa wasn’t “marriage material”, but it was actually Pippa’s relationship with her sister that put some strain on their relationship. A source said, “Catherine is always Pippa’s priority. She puts her sister before anything else and this is likely to become more and more the case if Pippa becomes a lady-in-waiting. Pippa loves helping Catherine and is unlikely to budge in that sense when it comes to any relationship.”

Oh snap! But you can’t really blame her…that’s her sister. Rumors suggest that Pippa wants to get back together with Alex, though. Another source said, “It’s so hard for Pippa because she was always devoted to Alex, despite his concern and even now she would love to find a compromise that would save the relationship. It’s understandable if she feels like her life is back to square one. Every other weekend she seems to be going to somebody else’s wedding, but suddenly she’s single. People think she’s been under siege from eligible bachelors since Catherine’s wedding. In fact all it’s done is drive away the man she loves.”

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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