Alexander Skarsgard Refuses To Bite True Blood Fans

Alexander Skarsgard Refuses To Bite True Blood Fans

The actors from True Blood must get some strange requests from their fans, which include biting! But don’t count on Alexander Skarsgard to live up to the hype. Nope, he won’t bite you, Truebie, so get over it!

Alexander plays the Viking Sheriff of Area Five, Eric Northman. In character, he’s quick to bare his fangs, but in real life, he’s not having any part of it.

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While he is grateful for the admiration bestowed upon him by his legion of fans (Team Eric!), he doesn’t want to bite them, as his character most certainly would.

In a new inteview with BlackBook Magazine, he said, “That’s one thing I’ll never really understand. But the main reason I don’t ever do it is because if I do it just once, every single person will be like, ‘Bite me! Bite me! Bite me!'”

He’s right. Once one fan spills the beans that they’ve gotten bitten by Alexander, it’s all over with. Still, there’s one place that he can go and not be troubled by silly requests, his native Sweden. This is where, he says, the folks aren’t stunned by his star power.

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He said, “Not a single one of them is impressed by me. They’re happy for me, but they don’t give a f**k about that s**t. They could care less that they’re hanging out with a ‘celebrity.'”

Do you want Alexander to bite you?

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