Allison Iraheta Signs With Jive Records

allison_iraheta_signs_with_jive_recordsAccording to a radio station right here in Cleveland, “American Idol” top four contestant, Allison Iraheta has been signed to Jive Records.

Congratulations to Allison on getting a record deal! Like her many fans, I can’t wait for her debut album to be released. After listening to the studio version of “Cry Baby” by Janis Joplin, I was amazed, like most of you. If you haven’t heard it yet, then head on over to iTunes and have a listen.

Allison was spotted at GBK’s Beach Chic Pool Party to honor the MTV Movie Awards on June 1, 2009, where she was on hand to enjoy the festivities and get some really cool swag.

Radio station 96.5 Kiss FM announced this on their website:

Allison Iraheta seemed like an early favorite on American Idol season 8, but she came in 4th like Idol alum Chris Daughtry. He’s had massive success – so Allison probably has a bright future ahead of her. She recently signed with Jive Records – following in the footsteps of previous Idol loser David Archuleta.

I’m sure they’re right. We look forward to new music from Allison in the near future.

Editor’s Note: For the record, this quote was directly from Kiss FM’s website and in no way represents my thoughts on David Archuleta’s singing and his music.

Via MJsBigBlog

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  • Ellen

    Allison, I love your music and was thrilled you made it to #4. You will have a fabulous career. Just stay grounded and don’t let the Hollywood lifestil interfere with your life. Be who you are. A beautiful 17 year old singer who has a lot to offer the world. Don’t let the world take over you. I’m 62 and I love your voice.

    Ellen Swercewski

  • archie fan

    good for her, but david is not a loser,
    he is a winner, according to Forbes he is one of the most successful teen stars in 2009…

    • Roberta

      For clarification, that “David is a loser” part was directly quoted from Kiss FM’s website and in no way represents how I feel about him as an artist.

  • Katie

    What’s wrong with you? David is no loser.

    David Archuleta is an international super star.

  • sandra

    David didn’t win American Idol but he is a World Idol. He has many fans around the world. He is most recognized outside USA than many American Idol winners.

  • Amy

    Congrats to Allison, who seems like a nice girl, and is talented…I look forward to hearing what will come from her.
    As for David Archuleta…Out of the 1000’s of hopefuls, he is the American Idol, Season 7 RUNNER-UP, and with a perfect tenor voice, professional work ethic and class- act personality…he is a “loser” to no one.
    The exception being…the unenlightened, critical few who waste time belittling those they don’t personally like. …whatever.

  • Trudy

    Excuse me…David Archuleta is an awesome singer/songerwriter! His first single went platinum and has sold 1.7 million copies and has sold more than any runner up on American Idol and his album has sold over 700,000 copies. I think you should have thought about your wording because David is not a loser — he has the appreciation of his music worldwide as he just finishe a tour in the UK, then a huge week in the Philippines and is now heading out on tour again all summer in the US — and just finished his own solor tour. David Archuleta is a winner!

  • mhel

    sorry to disappoint you with your illusions…david archuleta is not a loser…in fact, he doesn’t need to win the title cuz his talent is enormous….good enough to be called the knockout winner…he will be big and will have a long and heathy career in the music business…he will always be remembered as the well loved and talented contestant in amer idol history

  • mhel

    congrats to allison,btw!

    david archuleta is a world class singer,songwriter, philanthropist, a good role model to the people of all ages… that what you called a loser? think again!!! nuff said!

  • Rene

    Don’t you know that it is illegal in 8 countries to use the words “loser” and “David Archuleta” in the same sentence?? LOL! We archies tend to get a tad bit defensive about our boy it is true. Stick around, we’ll be passing out the chucks sneakers, water and nutterbutters soon. :)

  • Robin

    Excuse me David Archuleta a loser. Somebody needs to do the proper research. He had a practically sold out solo tour, toured with McFly in the UK where he won over many more fans, ( Tom McFly tweeted David to say they missed touring with him and the band) Had over 100k audience in the Philippines and is now going to tour with Demi Lovato for the summer. His cd has sold 700k and his single Crush is approaching double platinum. What is your definition of a loser???

  • Robin

    I hope your comment about Loser was meant to say that he didn’t win the title. Your wording is offensive so if it was meant in that way I would reprint your article and use the word runner up.

  • djafan

    Do you realize what you’ve done? You’re trying to give props to Allison and took that all away by disrespecting David Archuleta. Was that necessary?

    He made the top 10 money maker of all american idols, the most recognizable worldwide, a work ethic at 18 that is unheard of, sold out concerts, etc…where does loser fit in?

    • Roberta

      I’ve clarified the article with my Editor’s note. This was a direct quote, yo, not my own personal opinion. I liked Archie’s singing.

  • davidfan

    Calm down everyone, if you read the sentence it is only in the context that he didn’t win AI, as neither Daughtry nor Allison did. It would have been nice to use the term runner-up, or better yet, to refer to all three as AI finalists. The writer of this article has stated above that it was taken from the radio website, I’m sure no one considers any of the three artists mentioned as losers they just didn’t win the AI title, Allison looks to have a bright future in the music industry ahead of her without winning AI as Daughtry and David Archuleta have proven can be the case. So please positive comments all around.

  • Lady Bug

    I can accept that the wording used “loser” was taken from another source; however, the writer of this article had a choice as to use it or not. She choosed to use it; therefore, she is responsible for it at this point. I agree with others that she should be careful how she represents herself in the media, as it reflects on her. Putting the blame on someone else is not an apology on her part. David is a world class international singer, song writer, humanitarian, and great role model for the youth of today. Comments provided so far are a reflection of statement made by writer of this article. IMHO…Best of luck to Allison.

  • Maree

    Come on even we here in Europe would never use the word “loser” in the same sentence with David Archuleta!! Saw him on tour in London and we fell in love with him! If you apply the word loser to the second place then you are including Clay Akin, Adam Lambert….

  • Kathy

    David may have lost the title of American Idle in the sense of the word, but he has certainly won the hearts of millions all over the world. His angelic tenor voice is one that uplifts and draws you in. He is a wonderful role model to this generation of young people. He is in my eyes a winner in the music business and also a winner of great integrity and humblesness. Congratulations to Allison. She’ll do well with her unique voice and style.

  • David Archuleta

    Thank God Allison is female and won’t have to deal with rabid fans like me.

  • lesssha

    I also agree that the wording could have been better. Next time she says anything about David Archuleta I’m sure she will think more about what she says. We as fans are very deffensive, because we all love David. We only want good things said about him. Because we know he is the best.

  • Angel

    I think Kiss FM was very disrespectful to use the wording that they did, and I won’t be listening to them for a long time now. However, the author was simply quoting the rude person that wrote the article on Kiss’s website, and since they aren’t her words, she has no right to change the quote to smoething she would prefer more. So people should lay off this poor writer.

    Btw I am also a fan of David Archuleta :) I simply love his music and personality.

  • roho

    David IS a winner. The only losers are ALL of you hypersensitive, anal David fans – as far as I can tell, all but one of you.

    Really, get a life. AND, LOL, I can sense your anger welling up now because of this post. How many of you are gonna waste more time actually responding. LOL, I can feel your guts burning

    NOW, to respond to the article: GREAT NEWS!! Congrats to Alli. The deal was sure to come. Even if this isn’t 100%, 19 will sign her soon.

  • pbryan

    You know, the word “loser” doesn’t always have to be a pejeorative. In a contest, everyone’s not always a winner; there are losers. Archuleta lost, therefore in point of fact he’s an American Idol loser.

  • Angie

    Congratulations Allison, I knew that your record deal was comming, cause you and Adam are the best of the 2008 season. I can’t wait to own all of your albums

  • fan

    Allison congratulations. I knew your record deal was just around the corner. You are so talented and you sing so amazing, love you girl.

  • teen ager

    I love you Allison, I am so happy you got a record deal. I can’t wait for your cd’s

  • Florida girl

    I am so happy and so proud of you. You don’t need to be the winner to be recognized and to be on top of the world. America LOVES YOU GIRL, congratulation on your record contract, Jive is the best record company there is.

  • Annie

    For those of you who are still offended by the word “Loser” why are so angry, you know that David Archuleta is a True and Amazing singer, so don’t let some words get to you. However, these messages should be directly to Allison if you are supporting her and congratulating her. I am so happy for you Allison, you deserved it. Please don’t change, and ALWAYS BE THE WAY YOU ARE, simply A L L I S O N

  • Mary

    Congratulations to Allison on getting a record deal!
    I wish you the best. I love your voice and I am sure I will buy your cd.

  • Karen

    Congratulations to Allison on gettng a record dela!!
    We love your voice!!!!!

  • Edward

    Roberta, you sounds like you are the LOSER yourself. Why quote in something from someone a statement that you yourself would find ludicrous and then defend yourself that you’re just quoting someone’s statement? Don’t you have balls to make your own statement and not quote from somebody else’s. What a loser yourself you are Roberta!

    • Roberta

      And you sound like you’re 12. Thanks for playing along.

  • kymell

    Wow don’t have a cow people. Referring to Archuleta as an Idol “Loser” in the piece simply means that he did not win the contest, not that he’s a loser in general. The first part of the sentence said he got signed to Jive Records.

  • MK

    It is annoying when anyone, especially a jounalist, quotes and disseminates poorly expressed ideas for any reason. It is interesting to note that the 96.5 Kiss quotation about David Archuleta the “loser” DOESN’T also say “but she came in 4th like Idol [LOSER] Chris Daughtry.” And to avoid bias Kiss could’ve concluded with: “She recently signed with Jive Records – following in the footsteps of previously [amazingly talentd]idol [RUNNER UP] David Archuleta.” But they did not! Kiss’s wording conveys a perjorative slant. Choice of words is important, and when one elects to quote them in any article it conveys a personal bias UNLESS they are quoted to be disputed. And I agree with Lady Bug—ending your editorial note with, “I’m sure they’re right,” doesn’t exactly let you off the hook. We all know David is NO loser.

    Best of luck to Allison!!

    • Roberta

      Thanks for your input. My “I’m sure they’re right” note was directed at KISS FM for saying that they’re sure Allison has a bright future ahead of her. It’s been said, but David Archuleta did in fact lose American Idol, this does not make him a loser, but he is an American Idol loser because he didn’t win. Surely you’re bright enough to get that I didn’t mean to dig on him. He sure has a heck of a fan base, you guys come out of the woodwork like cockroaches…lol

  • October

    Oh God, an intelligent and reasonable writer would think twice, thrice before quoting such a statement because it connotes different meanings which surely is controversial and still you are trying to explain your views, have some common sense. Choice of descriptive words is of paramount importance. Roberta, I don’t think so you have what it takes to make a respectable writer. So honey, do yourself a favor, just go and wash dishes.

    • Roberta

      If you don’t like it, then don’t read my site. Moving on.

  • alyssa

    allison iraheta rocks i think when she has a album alot of people would want it and if no one wants it i will toatllay get it do not give up allison rock on

  • laura

    hey i love alison for the first time i saw her! she is so talented, the first time i heard her sing was her best song which was “Alone” by heart and that was a riot! i love this girl she rox.

  • seer reem

    The season’s highest-placing female contestant, and the youngest singer ever to make the top 12 (he was 16 when he began her run), 17-year-old Iraheta distinguished herself on the show with a husky, powerful singing style that belied her youth.
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