Amanda Bynes Loses Bid To Leave The Hospital

Amanda Bynes Loses Bid To Leave The Hospital

Troubled actress Amanda Bynes has lost her latest bid for freedom – a judge has shut down her lawyer’s request to release the star from a psychiatric hospital.

The Hairspray starlet has spent the past ten days on an extended 5150 psychiatric hold after she was arrested for starting a fire in the driveway of some random person in Thousand Oaks, California.

She appeared before a judge in the psych ward on Thursday and listened intently as her lawyer argued there was no legal basis to hold her. At the hearing, her representative told the judge that Bynes was perfectly capable of looking after herself and she was not a danger to others. It’s been said that the medications they have placed her on have been working significantly to help Bynes’ mental illness.

But the judge agreed with the doctors, who are still trying to counsel and treat the actress for an alleged mental illness. They fear she won’t take the medications that have stabilized her strange behavior if she’s allowed to walk free.

Her parents have also attempted to get a conservatorship over her in order to help take care of her financial well-being.

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