Amanda Bynes Won’t Be Charged With A Crime In Firestarter Drama

Amanda Bynes Won't Be Charged With A Crime In Firestarter Drama

Just recently, troubled starlet Amanda Bynes went into the driveway of an elderly woman in Thousand Oaks, California and started a fire. The cops were notified and she was carted off to the hospital to be held on a 5150. Now, it appears that no one is pressing charges against her for her wild behavior. TMZ has the latest:

Amanda Bynes is in for a tough road ahead — dealing with what looks like a serious mental illness and a conservatorship — but she’s not going to be charged with another crime … TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … prosecutors will NOT charge Amanda with trespass, arson or any other criminal offense in connection with Monday’s bizarre driveway blaze. We’re told cops and prosecutors view her conduct as non-criminal and rooted in mental illness. We’re told the cops almost immediately decided Amanda needed professional help — not punishment.

But the troubled star is not out of the woods. She faces DUI charges in L.A. and reckless endangerment and pot charges in NYC.

Let’s hope that her parents are able to get a conservatorship over her so that she can continue to get the help she needs. It has already gone beyond funny to the sort of crazy that Britney Spears went through. Stay tuned!

Hat tip: Scottie

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