The Amazing Race Recap 3/30/14: Season 24 Episode 6

The Amazing Race Recap 3/30/14: Season 24 Episode 6

Tonight on CBS was an all new ALL-STARS episode of the hit show “The Amazing Race”. Last week, when we last left the racers, Phil ended up eliminating Margie and Luke. The mother and son team couldn’t make it past the airport in order to catch a plane in time. Thus, they ended up leaving in the morning when all of the other racers were already completed with their tasks.

On tonight’s show, the remaining seven racers start off in Sri Lanka. Out first in the sixth leg are Dave and Connor. They are making their way to the Dutch Museum via tuck-tuck. Country singers Caroline and Jennifer are second to depart and are fighting every step of the way. Jet and Cord are third to depart and are feeling their sense of competition. Leo and Jamal are fourth to leave and are on their way. The Dutch Museum doesn’t open until 8:30 AM and the playing field is now equal.

Team are making their way to Alawwa, Sri Lanka via train. Once there, they must make their way to Ceypetco fuel station where they’ll find their next clue. In Alawwa, the racers find a roadblock with the clue: “Who wants to fill ‘er up?” In this roadblock, racers must find four tuck-tucks with the colors in the window matching the ones they’ve pulled inside the gas station and fill them up at the station. Rachel didn’t understand the clue because she was filling up the green tuck-tucks instead of paying attention to the colored tags in the windows.

Rachel filled up four green cars and can’t figure out what she did wrong. It’s utter chaos and Big Easy finishes first after John tells Rachel that she’s not finding the right colored cars. Teams are to make their way to Rambukkana and then take a tuck-tuck to the Millennium Elephant Foundation. There, they must search the river for their next clue. Out next are the Afghanimals, followed by Jet and Cord and Dave and Connor. Caroline and Jennifer are out next with Brandon and Rachel in last place. They sprint for the train and make it on right before the train departs.

It’s a Detour: “Trunk or Sheets”. In “Trunk”, racers have to attach a chain to the elephant to carry three logs for each racer to a truck. After they get six logs there, they will receive their next clue. In “Sheets”, racers are making environmentally friendly paper out of elephant dung. After making five sheets of paper and laying them out to dry, racers will receive their next clue.

Racers must make their way to the Ambepussa Rest House to find the wise man for their next clue. There, they listen to a man playing the flute to get their next clue. They must travel by taxi to Mount Lavinia Hotel Beach to check in at the pit stop. Jet and Cord are first out, followed by Leo and Jamal. Will it be a foot race?

Jennifer and Caroline are in last place on the tails of Brendan and Rachel. It’s a taxi passing war between the Cowboys and the Afghanimals. The Afghanimals beat the Cowboys in a foot race to the pit stop. As winners of this leg of the race, the Afghanimals get a five-night trip from Travelocity to Berlin, Germany.

In third place are Jessica and John, followed by fourth place going to Dave and Connor. In fifth place are Brendan and Rachel with Flight Time and Big Easy in sixth place. The last team to arrive were Caroline and Jennifer — but this is a non-elimination leg of the race. In the next leg, the ladies will have to complete a speedbump, but they vow not to give up.

Who are you rooting for to win this season of “The Amazing Race”? Hit the comments and have your say below!

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