Amber Portwood To Be Released From Jail Today

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is set to be released today — after being tossed in the pokey over two months ago for drug possession. [Note: The above photo is not from that particular arrest, but it was the only licensed photo we could use from our agency.]

According to TMZ, Amber is being sprung from jail today — and it’s good AND bad. Law enforcement sources revealed that the judge in her case is going to turn her loose from jail only because the halfway house she was supposed to go to for drug treatment has refused to take her. That is the only reason!

Amber was supposed to go to Sister 2 Sister Ministries to complete a drug treatment program, but the folks over there felt that she had too much negative energy to benefit from their program. TMZ has more details:

Since no one else wants her — the judge decided to release her today … with an electronic monitoring bracelet.

But Amber’s not out of the woods — we’re told the judge will still require her to apply for residency at another home … but that process could take months.

Amber will remain on home detention until a different drug treatment program accepts her.

Photo Taken by Madison County Police Department

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