Amber Portwood’s father claims Gary Shirley raped his daughter

Amber Portwood's father claims Gary Shirley raped his daughter

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood’s father, Shawn is really going after Gary Shirley, claiming that Gary raped his daughter. According to the National Enquirer, he said, “Gary Shirley raped MY daughter!”

He revealed that Amber and Gary began having sex when she was only 15-years-old, which, if it is true, would constitute statutory rape. That would mean Gary could do jail time, wouldn’t it?

Of course, this all happened before Amber beat the crap out of Gary on national television, thus catapulting her to the stardom that she has to deal with on an everyday basis. Ha. I laughed writing that.

Shawn Portwood said, “Gary got Amber pregnant as a means of controlling her. He was terrified that she would leave him. He used to pick her up from school and just not bring her back. Amber and Gary told me that they waited until she was 16 to start having sex and she got pregnant the first time, but I think they were lying. They’d been going together for over a year by then, and if I had known Gary was having sex with my daughter, I would have killed him!”

Wow, so he waited this long to bring this up?

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