Amber Rose Calls Out Kim Kardashian Over Kanye West

Amber Rose Calls Out Kim Kardashian Over Kanye West

If you’re like us, then you knew something was up between Kim Kardashian’s gigantic booty and Kanye West when photos like the one above surfaced on the internet. His ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose, is just confirming all of our speculation!

She makes the claims that she was with Kanye when he cheated on her with Kim. Kim was also attached, dating Reggie Bush, at the time! Scandalous!

Amber said, “They were both cheating. They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other.”

I am not surprised by this. Kim probably wanted to hook up with someone who had more money so that she could focus no earning enough cash to purchase the rights to her sex tape from Vivid Entertainment.

Are you shocked that Kim and Kanye hooked up? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts. I think we were more shocked that she ended her marriage within 72 days after spending millions and making such a fuss about it. What about you?

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