American Horror Story ‘Halloween Part 1′ Season 1 Episode 4 Recap 10/26/11

American Horror Story 'Halloween Part 1' Season 1 Episode 4 Recap 10/26/11

Tonight’s episode of “American Horror Story” should prove to be a real treat tonight since the Harmons will be celebrating Halloween. As we know the house has it’s own personal character, to say the least, and tonight the Harmons are visited by two more special guests; the most recently deceased last owners of the home.

Hopefully tonight some more of the house’s mysteries and the Harmon’s deepest secrets will be uncovered with Halloween being the one day of the year that the spirit world and our world meet. Well we will just have to wait for the show tonight to answer some of our most wanted questions.

Join our sister website, Tragicomical, as she dives deep into the horror with you LIVE. Is that guy creepy looking or what?!?

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