American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 3 ‘Murder House’ Recap 10/19/11

American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 3 'Murder House' Recap 10/19/11

Last week on American Horror Story, Ben Harmon made a trip to Boston that he has to lie to his wife about so he could be with the girl that he had an affair with while she had an abortion to rid them both of their love/lust child.

While Ben is in Boston, Vivian and Vilolet are alone in the house and Vivian tries to have a bonding experience with Violet but it doesn’t work out. While pouting in her room Violet hears someone knock at the front door loudly. Vivian goes to the door but thankfully does not open it to the strange teenage girl claiming to be hurt standing behind the door.

Unfortunately for Vivian several teens break into the house and take Vivian and Violet hostage. They begin to torture Vivian and with luck Tate appears suddenly at teh house and comes to save the day! He manages to channel the spirits in the house which decide to murder the teens. Once the house is clear and Vivian and Violet call the police and Ben.

After Ben makes it home to find a hysterical wife and daughter he apologizes for being gone and promises he won’t leave again. Vivian tells him they are selling the house.

Tonight’s synopsis:

After putting the house back on the market, Vivien learns about its first residents. Ben’s visitor causes him to further unravel. Constance and Moira’s history is revealed

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