American Idol 4/10/07

Starting off last night was Melinda Doolittle singing “Sway”. Very good performance. She picked on Simon saying that he was looking for something bad to say, when he said that she very cabaret. I disagree, this was a great performance.

Next up was Lakisha Jones doing “Conga”. I was singing at home along with this tune. She definitely pulled this song off and I don’t think it was a safe song selection at all.

Chris Richardson was up next doing his butchering of “Smooth” by Santana & Rob Thomas. Good lord, this guy was pitchy and this was the Sanjaya of suck. Covering this track made me cover my ears. Somewhere Rob Thomas is choking.

Haley Scarnato was up after that with her rendition of “Turn The Beat Around”. She looked like she was having a fun time, but no one noticed besides Simon, that she killed it.

Phil Stacey was up doing his version of “Maria, Maria” by Carlos Santana. There were parts of this song that I liked, but for the most part, he murdered it.

Jordin Sparks covered “The Rhythm Is Going To Get You”. She did a wonderful job and showed all of the enthusiasm a seventeen year old should have. She had a great time and did a great job. She’s not going anywhere.

Blake Lewis then did Mark Anthony’s “I Need To Know”. Very good choice of song and he performed it nicely.

Sanjaya Malakar did “Besame Mucho” last night and did half-way decent. I’ve never heard the original on this one, but it didn’t 100% suck. Simon agreed, stating that it “wasn’t horrible”.

The verdict and my prediction:
The bottom three will consist of Haley Scarnato, Phil Stacey, and Chris Richardson. I could be wrong on the Chris Richardson thing, but I really thought he pulled a Sanjaya last night. I don’t know what the judges were raving about.

Who’s getting the boot? My prediction is Haley Scarnato. We will have to watch tonight to know for sure. She should’ve known better not to tear up on stage, though.

Update: I was right!

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