American Idol auditions started

It’s that time again, folks. American Idol has recently started their new search for the next Idol.

In Dallas, Texas, wannabe singers and really crappy crooners are already gathering for their 15 seconds of fame:

Many people from all over Texas headed over to Tax Stadium Saturday to have the opportunity to audition for the biggest singing competition in the world and the most popular show on television.

There were no sign of Simon, Paula, or Randy anywhere to be found and it is expected that they will not be at the first wave of auditions, they have to go through the really bad ones first.

I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that one. Can you imagine all of the people there that think they can really sing?!? And, of course, the people who actually have talent and get overlooked in lieu of someone more entertaining, ala Sanjaya?

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