American Idol Finale Part One

Tonight is part one of the American Idol finale. Having Melinda Doolittle out of the way, I can ask this: Does anyone still care? I know I’ll be watching it, just because I have to put my two cents into anything related to music.

But honestly, the American public has already voted off most of the major talent from the show. The end result is that the sixth American Idol is going to be a mediocre kid with half of the real talent of ousted Melinda or Lakisha. Ya gotta know that Melinda was really wanting to win this thing, too, the woman has heart.

So, I’ll tell you what I will be boycotting: the sales of any Blake Lewis or Jordin Sparks music.

I’ve already crowned my Idol:

American Idol Finale Part One was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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  • Martin

    Totally agree although I will never watch this show again. I cannot believe that Melinda was voted off – what is wrong with people? Blake is good but how can he be compared with Melinda. I suppose it comes down to race which is really sad (I am white!).

    Feel totally ripped off watching this show for weeks only for this to happen. I am not some crazy fan but someone who appreciates good music.

    This vote was rubbish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Roberta

    I couldn’t agree more. Melinda was more ripped off than anyone. She had talent and pizazz…a certain stage presence that can’t be matched by neither Blake nor Jordin. She is a true entertainer. Anyone who can remake “Nut Bush City Limits” like she did, definitely deserves my vote.

  • Louise7

    for sure we still care about Melinda Doolittle because after a year all her fans following her she is amazing singer this girl. She did releases her first song on i TUnes My Funny Valentine and she is wonderful. She will released her first album June of 2008. This reason that still there after a year to support the number one Melinda Doolittle. She is a wonderful women inside and outside. The best of the Best!

  • abner

    what a scam. new website mdstreetteam. I didn’t see a single thing about doolittle on it, only merchandising and i mean website merchandise, not melinda doolittle related stuff. BS info on how to make their website bigger.

  • Louise7

    Melinda Doolittle did postponed her new Album for July or August 2008. For fresh new new website a place to support her in her new career.

  • Louise7

    Update : Melinda work on a album who will be out in fall! This past week Melinda finally finished the vocals on her CD! All thats left now
    is the mastering, mixing, and the photoshoot. If all of that happens quickly then we can expect to see her CD on shelves this Fall! Also, keep your eye out for her first official single that should be hitting airwaves in the coming weeks. Melinda is going to be throwing a lot of music at us in the coming months so get ready!

    This new it from the website, a site to support Melinda with her comming album come join us

  • Louise7

    Good news for you Melinda Doolittle fans! She’s set to release her debut album titled, Coming Back to You on Hi-Fi Recordings in January 09. Produced by Grammy-nominated producer Mike Mangini (Joss Stone, Run DMC, The Jonas Brothers), Coming Back to You was recorded with a team of live musicians in Nashville and New York City.

    The first single, “It’s Your Love” will be released to radio in October.