American Idol Performance Finale Recap For May 15, 2013

American Idol Performance Finale Recap For May 15, 2013

Tonight on FOX is an all new episode of the hit singing competition “American Idol”. The competition is heating up and it’s down to two ladies competing for the Idol crown. If you’ve missed the show, you can read our fully detailed recap of last week’s elimination episode where we said goodbye to Angie Miller HERE.

It promises to be an excellent show tonight as the ladies perform one last time for the rights to the title of the 2013 American Idol. Left in the competition are Kree Harrison and Candice Glover.

Both are talented ladies and are very deserving to win the show this year. We actually really like both, so either way is a win for us here at the Earsucker headquarters. The show airs tonight from 8 to 9PM EST, so stick around for our official LIVE RECAP of the show and as always, leave us your comments telling us who you’re rooting for!

Refresh this page often for the latest updates! LIVE RECAP BEGINS HERE!

Kree is kicking off the show with her rendition of “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan. She looks great and sounds wonderful. The audience is going nuts! We’re not getting and judges’ feedback as of yet and Candice is about to perform next. Candice performed “Chasing Pavements” by Adele.

Judges’ commentary:

Round one:

Mariah Carey said that the talent is so magnificent and she is proud of America with the direction that the votes are going. They are at the top as singers and performers. Randy Jackson said that he wouldn’t have chosen those songs for the ladies. He gives round one to Candice.

Carly Rae Jepsen is taking the stage to perform “Take A Picture”.

Round two:

Kree is taking on “All Cried Out” for her coronation song. For her coronation song, Candice is singing a song called “I Am Beautiful”. Nicki Minaj said she loved Kree’s performance because she reached down in her gut. Keith Urban said it’s soul vs. soul and both songs were tailor made for the ladies.

Round three:

Kree is performing “Up To The Mountain”. We just love her dress! Keith said it was beautiful. It’s her story, it’s all connected and it’s absolutely beautiful. Nicki said that her energy is so uplifting and her performances showcase her beautiful soul. Randy said it was her best performance of the night. Mariah said she agrees with Randy and Kree looks beautiful. She loved the subtleties that she was giving them and she feels the diversity. In general, she has something special and it’s going to be very difficult for America tonight.

Candice is closing out the show with “I Who Have Nothing”. Wow. She has an amazing voice. Standing ovation from all four of the judges. Keith said she’s such a powerhouse singer and the song is like a planet exploding to life. It was incredible. Nicki said she loved the performance and she commands the stage like a superstar. She walked on their and owned it immediately. Randy said that girl can plum flat-out sing. That was a winning performance and that was what he was waiting on. Mariah said she has an undeniable talent and it surpasses everything she imagined she would see her. She’ll be listening to her for years to come.


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