American Idol Recap For April 4, 2013: Results Elimination Episode

American Idol Recap For April 4, 2013: Results Elimination Episode

You’ve seen all of the performances from last night’s episode of the hit singing competition “American Idol” and now America has voted! Who will be sent home on tonight’s elimination episode of the show? Are you caught up with all of the action? If not, you can read our detailed live recap of the episode here.

Who was the weakest link last night? It’s hard to tell, but we know who wasn’t! Both Kree Harrison and Candice Glover rocked our socks last night, despite their respective injuries. We weren’t exactly impressed with Angie Miller’s rendition of “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence.

Despite the rumors circulating that the show’s producers want an all-girl finale this season, we are hoping that one of the ladies finally gets eliminated tonight. Take Janelle Arthur or Angie Miller — we wouldn’t care either way.

Either way, we will be recapping all of the show’s goodness tonight at 8PM EST when the show airs. Stay tuned and refresh this page often for updates!


The show kicks off with a performance of Queen’s “Somebody To Love” by our top seven contestants. Afterward, Jimmy Iovine gives his recap of each of last night’s rock performances. He predicts that Lazaro will be going home on tonight’s elimination.

Now, we’re catching up with Casey James from season nine. He’s on stage now performing his new song “The Good Life”. He also brought everyone gifts from their hometowns in case they were homesick.

At the moment, the judges are blathering on about their top three choices in the competition. And now for some results:

Safe for next week is Kree Harrison! The next safe contestant is Angie Miller and the final person in the top three is Lazaro Arbos! Carrie Underwood is on the stage performing now. *Mutes television*

It’s been revealed that Candice Glover is also safe, followed by Amber Holcomb. The bottom two consists of Burnell Taylor and Janelle Arthur.

Getting eliminated on tonight’s show is Burnell. Now he has to sing for the judges’ save. He’s singing India.Arie’s “Ready For Love”. Candice is crying, along with Mariah. Will they use their save on Burnell? NO! Randy has informed us that they will not be using their save today. UGH.

What do you think of the elimination tonight? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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  • Linda

    America did not get it right this week… Ricky Ricardo should have gone..

  • Easycharlie

    Crazy — Lazerlo and Burnell are nothing better than mediocre when put up against the girls. Jimmy is 100% right, as he usually is.

  • Arlene Herrick

    I can’t believe you thought Angie should go home. The judges didn’t criticize her. How the Hell is Lazaro still on? They are making a mockery of the show.


    ARE YOU TONE DEAF ????????????????????????



  • cgrp

    How can u say that about Angie , maybe u should get ur hearing checked and yes Lazaro should go home .

  • stephanie

    i like lazaro but he should have went home by now and they are saving the save for a girl and angies performance was awesome so was jenelles judges are tone deaf idol just isnt fun any more nikki is so hateful and mean love keith he is cool

  • Tamer

    What! Ricky should have gone along time ago! Burnell has a wonderful voice! What is happening to idol!!! Lazaro is sad…!!!

  • stephanie

    are you saying that angie isnt good she does great but the judges are trying to tell us who to vote for judges when you favored one young lady last yr she was runner up we know who to vote for yes good singers got sent home and lazaro still their alot young girls have to be voting for him

  • Sig G

    I’m upset the judges did not save Burnell even after their raves on the contestant from the start of Idol season 12. But it’s a good thing now that you (@BurnellAI12) get out of the cage and start making albums and doing concerts. Anyway, the crown of AI does not guarantee success in the music industry. And I think the producers want a female winner in this season. The sad part is AI loses another viewer for this season—me.

  • Don

    Lazaro needs to go, somone should tell him to wear larger pants or take the cup out of his pants.

  • Gib

    Lazaro knows he should not be among the finalists. He acts as if he’s embarrassed each week when he is voted through. Americans have had a history of voting for the wrong people, the ones who aren’t qualified.

  • Linda Swears

    I am a professional singer and I can see why Lazaro is still in. It isn’t about his voice…he sings well enough and has great appeal on camera. There are many pros whose voices aren’t that great but they have a special quality that sets them apart. I honestly think that is what is going on with Lazaro. He is different from the cookie cutter idol pick..America wants something different and it’s not just about the voice.
    I personally think Candice is great…but she lacks that “something”that makes a star.

  • chris schneider

    I don’t get it, when they sing country, motown etc they get professional criticism and are expected to be good. You are suppose to sing anything if you are good. When it is Rock and Roll the judges make excuses for the contestants because none of them are rock and roll. When there were Rock contestant’s in the past they they weren’t given a free pass in the country, R&B, they were expected to sing well. Sorry just because you have the big loud voice doesn’t mean you are the best. Mind you Candice and Kree have great voices but if you really listen to their performances last night the melody was lost. They just screeched out. There were only 3 of them that did the job. Amber, Angie and Lazaro. By last night’s performances America did get it wrong because Amber should have been there before Kree.

  • Emma Sykes

    I am about to give up on American Idol. Lazaro is taking a spot away from better singers than he. Burnell is so much a better singer. As far as stage presence is sweats like a pig and seems so scared and after performing he acts like he’s done a great job. lol. I know the favorite is kree and Angie but Kree is good but she can sound a little off especially Wed. night. Angie did good also but she is too conceided to me because they have praised her so. Candice and Amber really have the best voices but if they make it to the finals it will be a miracle. The public is really turning a lot of people off because of how they are voting. Last year Joshua was better than the one that won. So when it comes to saying about Candice not having something to make her a star, what showed you that Phillip Phillips showed any type of star quality. NONE! This year may be my last time viewing the show and I think unless some things change on the talent that goes through, the ratings may get even lower. The judges maybe professionals but give credit to the others who have a great ear for music and can hear what they put a blind ear to. Lazaro does not have the voice that any of the others have, even Burnell. Last nite gave Idol a bad view when the voters put Lazaro in the top 3. That was a disgrace to the rest of the singers.

  • Lisa

    Is lazaro getting the sympathy vote?

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