American Idol Recap For February 6, 2013: Season 12 Episode 7

American Idol Recap For February 6, 2013: Season 12 Episode 7

Tonight on FOX is an all new episode of the hit singing competition “American Idol”. It’s Hollywood Week, so you know the competition is going to be heating up! In case you’ve missed last week’s episode, you can read the fully detailed recap HERE. Have you been watching the show? If so, who are you rooting for to win the Idol crown?

For the Hollywood round of the competition, it will be guys vs. guys and girls vs. girls. In the end, only 40 of the auditioners will remain as semi-finalists on the show. First up, the competitors will sing a capella. Afterward, those that make it through that will join in for the group round. Lastly, those that survive will go in front of the judges for solo day.

The guys will be competing tonight, while the girls will compete on tomorrow night’s show. After Hollywood week is over, there will be 40 competitors remaining — 20 guys and 20 girls. Will your favorite be among those that survive this stage of the competition?

Stay tuned as we will be providing our live coverage of the show tonight as it airs. The show will begin at 8PM EST and end at 10PM. Keep refreshing this page, as we update A LOT! In the meantime, we want to know who your favorite judge is and which competitor you’re rooting for! Tell us in the comments below and come back at 8PM for our live recap of all of the action.


The show kicks off with the family members of the contestants waking them all up for them to get ready for Hollywood Week!

Like we’ve already told you, it’s guy vs. guy on tonight’s show, with the girls going next week. Randy Jackson tells the group that they have to sing like their lives depend on it. Each of the guys will come out in groups of ten and they will get their results immediately.

The first line consists of Micah Johnson and he still sounds phenomenal. Standing ovation from the judges. Afterward, the other singers take the stage to try to impress the judges. Micah is through! Next we have a montage of great singers who are going through to the next round. Karl Skinner is on the stage and is busting out with his version of “Ain’t Too Proud To Beg”. Next, the other singers from his group are performing. Will they all get through? Karl is not through to the next round, along with Dustin Watts. Dr. Calvin Peters isn’t getting through to the next stage of the competition, either. The last contestant before lunch is Cortez Shaw and he’s belting out Whitney Houston’s song “I Will Always Love You”. Cortez is getting through, despite Nicki’s comment that his performance was horrible.

Next up Curtis Finch, Jr. and he has impressed the judges and the audiences. He’s getting through. Frankie Ford is also getting through to the group round. Lazaro Arbos is up next and he has an issue with stuttering. Poor guy, he looks so nervous. He has a really nice, natural singing voice. He’s getting through!

Trevor Blakney, Bryant Tadeo and Charles Allen all forge ahead with their performances and they are all through to the group rounds. Brian Rittenberry is singing next and he sounds phenomenal. Mariah informs him that he’s not getting through?!? WTF?

For the first time in Idol history, Nigel Lythgoe has told the guys that they are picking their groups. The guys are all getting their groups together to figure out what they’re going to be singing.

The Matt Heads are up first and they’re singing a cool version of “Somebody To Love” by Queen. Nick Boddington is like Freddie Mercury reincarnated. Wow, they all work so well together! Mateos is up first to learn his fate, along with Nick, Matheny and Gabe. They are all going through!

Normal Hills is up next and they’ll be doing “I’ll Be There” by The Four Tops. Johnny Keyser said that he wasn’t comfortable with the lyrics and even forgot some of them. Uh oh. This group is bombing big time. Kareem is not going through, but the other three are.

The next group is a trio, singing “The Lazy Song” by Bruno Mars. Curtis Finch, Jr. is hamming it up and the judges are eating it up! STANDING OVATION!

The Four Tones are up next — Micah Johnson is in this group! Loving their performance and it was so nicely done. They’re getting through!

The next group (The Dudes?) is singing “Some Kind Of Wonderful” and they are through to the next round. Up next is a group singing a One Direction song and they butchering it.

Another group called The Taylors was awful and they were split in half. B-Side is up next and they’re singing some song that they’re obviously ad-libbing. Oh wait, it’s “Payphone”. HAHA. At least they have a sense of humor. The ending of that performance was so atrocious. Mark, Peter, The Turbanator and Chris were all asked to step forward, but the judges feel they can get better. They are all going through. What?!?

The next group is Last Minute and they’re performing One Direction’s song “Beautiful”. This entire group is unprepared and awful. They don’t know the lyrics! What the crap?!? All four guys have gotten the boot.

The next group is singing a capella and they’re singing “Payphone”. It was a risk to sing it without the band. Devon, Adrian and Devon are all going forward, leaving the final guy, Ryan, out of the competition.

Group Day continues with Mo’ Glow and they’re performing “Some Kind Of Wonderful”. It’s not bad. Will get through? Keith said he felt he was losing Burnell in the song. Darian and Mario are not getting through, leaving the other two to go through to the next round.

Next up is Super 55, featuring Lazaro Arbos. Apparently he isn’t familiar with The Beach Boys’ song, “Wouldn’t It Be Nice?” Still, he managed to pull it off. Joshua and Scott have been eliminated, while Lazaro and the other guy are staying in the competition.

Country Queen is up next and they’re singing “More Than Words” by Extreme. Some of the guys don’t even know the words, except for Joel Wayman. Trevor Blakney is country-fying the song, but he doesn’t know the words, either. Trevor and Lee are being eliminated, leaving Josh, JDA and Joel are going through.

DKSK are up next and they are the youngest of the competitors this season. They’re saying “For The Longest Time” by Billy Joel. Loved their entire performance, they just gelled together so nicely. Kayden Stephenson has such a cute little voice. David and S’anni are going through and the other two aren’t advancing in the competition.

It’s a montage of people getting sent home. Boo! The last group of the night is about to take the stage and they’re singing “American Boy”. Their performance is completely disconnected and Frankie is still crying. Frankie isn’t getting through, but the others are going forward.

Which was your favorite performance of the evening? Sound off in the comments below.

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