American Idol Recap For March 21, 2013: Elimination Results

American Idol Recap For March 21, 2013: Elimination Results

Tonight on FOX is an all new elimination and results episode of the hit singing competition “American Idol“. On last night’s performance episode of the show, the top nine competitors duked it out for the Idol crown. If you have yet to catch up on the show, you can read our fully detailed recap here.

Also on last night’s show, we got the results as to who would be touring with the top ten Idols on the tour this summer between Aubrey Cleland and Charlie Askew. In the end, it was Aubrey who won the viewers’ votes at home and she’ll be singing live this summer with our top ten!

On tonight’s episode of the show, we will get to see who was eliminated from the competition. They are all good performers, but there were some shining stars last night. Who made it and who didn’t? We will have the live recap of the show and elimination tonight as it airs from 8 to 9PM EST! As always, stay tuned for our live coverage of the show!

In the meantime, tell us who you’re rooting for to win the show!


Jimmy Iovine is taking us through a recap of last night’s performances. Afterward, Amber is up first to learn her fate. What a tease! We don’t get to hear her results just yet! Ugh.

Paul Jolley is up to learn his fate. After announcing that he’s getting a day named after him by the city of Dresden, Tennessee, we’ve learned that he is in the bottom three. Casey Abrams is on the stage now singing “I Saw Her Standing There” by The Beatles. And now you know why he didn’t win the show in its tenth season….he butchered this song. Kids, please don’t let this deter you from listening to The Beatles.

More results! Devin Velez is up next to learn his fate. After the nationwide vote, we’ve learned that he is in the bottom three. Up next, Lazaro Arbos is going to learn his fate. Lazaro is SAFE!!

Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo are up on the stage singing their song “Tonight”. Getting back to the results, Kree Harrison is safe! YAY! Also safe is Candice Glover! Angie Miller is also going through to next week’s show. In addition, Janelle Arthur is going through!

Safe and going through to next week’s show is Burnell Taylor, leaving “Little Whitney” Amber Holcomb in the bottom three. Getting back to the safe side are Amber and Devin, leaving Paul to try to win the judges’ save with his rendition of “Alone” by Heart.

WILL HE BE SAVED??? NO! Paul Jolley has been eliminated from the competition! Are you surprised by the results?

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