American Idol Recap For May 8, 2013: Performance Episode

American Idol Recap For May 8, 2013: Performance Episode

Tonight on FOX at 8PM EST is an all new episode of the hit singing competition “American Idol“. Left in the competition are Kree Harrison, Angela Miller and Candice Glover. Have you been keeping up with the show? If not, you can get caught up here!

On last week’s show, after performing two songs, it all came down to the wire for the remaining competitors. In the end, only three could make it through and Amber Holcomb was eliminated. Nicki Minaj had a tear in her eye for the elimination of one of her favorite competitors.

Tonight we will get to see the remaining ladies visit their hometowns! Are you excited for the show tonight? The competition is getting fierce! Stay tuned for our recap tonight, but until then tell us who you’re rooting for to win the show!


Round One – Jimmy Iovine’s Choice

Kree Harrison – “Perfect” by Pink
Keith – The song choice proves that she’s a country girl. He loves that she has a strong signature sound.
Nicki – Her voice is always warm and sweet and pleasant to the ear. She loved it.
Randy – He didn’t love the song choice for her. She can sing anything at any time, but it lacked pizazz.
Mariah – She liked the message coming from her and please give it her everything.

Candice Glover – “One” by U2
Nicki – She is a diva and she did the song justice. The competition just started. WORK!
Randy – The third time is going to be the charm for her. Amazing song choice for her. She’s in it to win it.
Mariah – She’s grappling with the fact that she did some other than sing as a profession. Great song choice.
Keith – She has so much power, every time. He loved that and he felt every bit of it.

Angie Miller – “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word” by Elton John
Randy – She did a great job holding back on this. He loved that she sang the verse and he really liked it
Mariah – It was one of the best performances she’s seen her do. She really enjoyed it.
Keith – She should’ve held back a little more and could’ve underplayed it.
Nicki – It was a stellar vocal, but it didn’t hit her emotionally. She’s bringing it.


Candice Glover – “Next To Me” by Emili Sande
Mariah – She got rejuvenated after going home & she sees good things happening for her.
Keith – He was “in” and was listening to her tell him about her man. She was in the zone.
Nicki – She has come out swinging in this competition & she’s so proud of her. Congratulations.
Randy – That was amazing vocally, he loved it.

Angie Miller – “Try” by Pink
Keith – She looked comfortable. Boston strong, baby!
Nicki – She looked comfortable doing an uptempo song. She is related to Miley Cyrus! Ha.
Randy – An amazing song and it fit her like a glove. She was so comfortable.
Mariah – She concurs and it was very homecoming queen. She had confidence.

Kree Harrison – “Here Comes Goodbye” by Rascal Flatts
Nicki – You can’t underestimate or deny the power of a true emotional trigger. She’s super proud of her.
Randy – She sang her heart out. That was unbelievably beautiful. That was brilliant.
Mariah – No matter what happens from here, she will always have this.
Keith – It was the perfect song for her and she had him from beginning to end.

ROUND THREE – The Idol Production Picks

Angie Miller – “Maybe” by Emili Sande
Randy – Tonight, she became a complete performer.
Mariah – She agrees with Randy. She feels like Angie was her. She did an amazing job with the song.
Keith – He loved it.
Nicki – She has come full circle. As long as she feels it, they’re all going to feel it. Congratulations

Kree Harrison – “Better Dig Two” by The Band Perry
Mariah – They’re seeing that rocker side of her. She loved to feel it. She loves the raw emotion.
Keith – That’s not the place for her and it didn’t feel right for her. She set the bar high.
Nicki – Whoever picked that for her should be stoned. She’s buying her album.
Randy – Props to Kree!

Candice Glover – “Somewhere” from “West Side Story”
Keith – If you don’t vote for Candice, you don’t have a pulse.
Nicki – “See you next week”.
Randy – She’s got the greatest vocals in Idol history. It was so incredible. He’s so proud of her.
Mariah – Congratulations, she’s proud of her and can sing any type of song.

Which was your favorite performance of the evening? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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