American Idol Recap: Season 11 Episode 2 Pittsburgh Auditions 1/19/12

American Idol Recap: Season 11 Episode 2 Auditions 1/19/12

American Idol kicked off its eleventh season last night, with judges Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez auditioning talent from Savannah, Georgia. In case you’ve missed the show, you can read our official recap right here.

Show highlights included some pretty good singers, a bunch of creepy leers from Steven and apparently, Randy has replaced his usage of the word “Dawg” with “Dude”. Didn’t think we would notice, did ya, Randy?

Ryan Seacrest was also pitted against someone who looks a little like him and sounds like him exactly. Too bad this wasn’t the Hosting Idol because that guy would totally win.

Who stunned us:
David Leathers, Jr., Gabby Carrubba, Phillip Phillips, Shannon Magrane, , Ashley Altise, Lauren Mink and Amy Brumfield.

Who stunned us in a bad way:
Jessica Whitely – Holy crap she sounded awful. HORRENDOUS. Randy had the look of total confusion.
Joshua Chavis – He performed terribly and had a total hissy fit on TV.
Mawuena Kodjo – He thought he could sing some Rascal Flatts, but ended up sounding like a tone deaf, dying cat. At least he was a good sport when the judges offered him the opportunity to sway their opinions.

Last night, Steven had a creepy leer count of about eight, while Randy limited his “dawg” usage to one and his “dude” to about three. Stay tuned.

Tonight’s auditions for American Idol will be in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. So stay tuned for the only coverage of the show you’ll need!


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