American Idol To Pay Tribute To Whitney Houston

We have learned from American Idol host Ryan Seacrest that the show will find some way to pay tribute to fallen singer Whitney Houston.

During his coverage of the Grammy Awards, he said, “I can tell you now that I was on the phone with American Idol producers. We are trying to figure out how we can go in and obviously pay tribute in some way and acknowledge the impact that she had on popular singers, popular music and young singers that are trying to make it. So we’ll see.”

Simon Cowell recently revealed that he was considering Whitney for a judging spot on The X Factor USA. Also of note, Nigel Lythgoe claimed that he wanted Whitney as a mentor on this season of American Idol.

Whitney was 48 when she passed away suddenly on Saturday afternoon. It was said that she could have passed away as a result of a dangerous combination of Xanax and alcohol. She was found by her aunt in her Beverly Hilton suite, with her face submerged underwater.

Rest in peace, Whitney. Let’s hope the show pays you a fitting tribute.

Photo Credit: CPA,

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