‘American Idol’ Top Four Live Recap 5/11/11

'American Idol' Top Four Live Recap 5/11/11

It’s down to the final four on American Idol, and while we admit that we haven’t been watching up until now, it’s getting down to the wire!

For the first round, the contestants are covering songs that are inspirational. For their second songs, the contestants are covering songs from the Lieber & Stoller Songbook. Tonight’s mentor is Lady Gaga!

James Durbin started off tonight’s competition with his version of Journey’s famous song, Don’t Stop Believin’. In my honest opinion, he should not have chosen this song, it was truly awful. Steve Perry you are NOT!

Steven Tyler said it was “nice goin'”. Jennifer Lopez said it was “amazing” and a really great job. Randy Jackson commented that he paid homage to his friends, who are the greatest rock bands ever.

Stay tuned as we cover the show, live! Watch this space for updates!

Haley Reinhart is up next singing her inspirational song, Michael Jackson’s song, Earth Song. She’s not a bad singer, but this song doesn’t appear to be that challenging in her vocal ability. When she got to the vocally strenuous lyrics, I was not impressed.

J-Lo said she felt like Haley was inspired and that she loved. She said James set the bar (Holy crap, that’s the bar?!??). Randy said the song confused him for where she was at in the competition. She didn’t have the chops to hit those notes for a Michael Jackson song and she was just screaming at the end. Steven said that they’re both wrong, which caused the audience to go crazy. He said she nailed it and hit every note and not to listen to the other judges.

Scotty McCreery sang his song of inspiration next and he chose Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning by Alan Jackson. From our country loving correspondent, Pat, we hear that this version of the song is not half bad. (Hat tip!) I will say that this kid doesn’t look old enough to sing like that. He sounds like a genuine artist and if Idol picks a country singer, it should be him.

Randy said that it was a great, amazing song. He said it was the perfect song choice for where we are at as a country. He said Scotty is ready for superstardom and he hopes he makes it. Steven said he sees the passion in Scotty’s eyes and the song was beautiful. J-Lo said she’s in love with him and he knows who he is and can tell what touches other people. She said that she was glad to be here to witness it.

Lauren Alania is singing her first song of the night and she has chosen Martina McBride’s song, Do It Anyway. Pat assures us that Lauren went flat on the chorus of this particular song. Pat has come to the conclusion that Lauren should not be singing this song.

Steven said Lauren “did it again” and broke his heart with her pure and perfect voice. He added that she’s the whole package and he loves her. J-Lo said she feels that Lauren is listening to everything they’re telling her. She added, “That was exactly what we were talking about”. Randy said he was worried last week, but “Lauren is back and she’s in it to win it!” He said there was absolutely nothing wrong with the performance.

Round Two – Lieber & Stoller songs with guest mentor Lady Gaga!

Haley’s up first singing, I (Who Have Nothing). Gaga told her to take a breath before singing the “I love you” part of the song. Again, I’m not feeling her singing ability on this song. She sounds like a stressed out, half-baked Bonnie Tyler. The girl can hold a note, so we’ll give her that.

Standing ovation from the audience and judges! Jennifer said, “This is why we can’t take it easy on you, because look what you’re capable of” and called the song amazing. Randy said Haley had her moment and she came back and now she’s “in it to win it”. Steven said he a classic moment with “Classic Haley” and she’ll be on the show next week.

Scotty’s up next singing, Young Blood by The Coasters. Gaga said that he should make love to the microphone and don’t let it go, like his life depended on it. She said he was more conservative than she imagined. He sang the song, without almost any twinge of country twang. Not too shabby, but he sounds unimpressed and bored by his own performance.

Randy said he made him laugh and he could tell Scotty was having a good time. He said we saw “both sides of a Scotty concert” and called him a seasoned professional. Steven said it was funny, good and he liked it. He loved the humor. Jennifer said it was really great and Scotty hit his stride. She told him to show them a different side of himself for next week so that he could sprint toward the finish line.

Lauren is up next singing Trouble by Elvis Presley. Lauren said she didn’t want to call herself “evil”. Gaga said that Lauren sang the song and found the humor in it. This song is definitely 100 percent better than the first song she sang tonight. Because of the way she’s strutting around on stage, you can tell that she really loves performing.

Steven said that it was well done and her character came out again. Jennifer said she saw a performance quality when Lauren came out and it was mature and a total attack. She said it was really great, vocally and she really loved what she saw. Randy said they saw a fun side of her and a rocker side with a fun kind of attitude. He really enjoyed it and she was “workin’ it”. They said Gaga gave her really good advice.

James is up next, singing Love Potion No. 9 by The Clovers. Lady Gaga got up behind him to ensure he shook those hips. She said when he moves his hips, he looks sexy. He really brought the rock version of this song and he totally reminds me of Adam Lambert with his personality on stage. This was definitely the best song of the night. When he screamed, it sounded like he meant to scream.

Jennifer said that showed her that he can sing anything. She said he took the song and it was a great performance. Randy said he slayed the Journey song earlier and the song doesn’t matter. He said James is peaking at the right time. Steven said it was incredible and it was a “beautiful thing”.

Who are you rooting for this season??? Let us know in the comments!

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