‘American Idol’ Top Three Spoiler

'American Idol' Top Three Spoiler

“American Idol” has dwindled the remaining competition from four contestants to three on last Thursday’s elimination episode. We saw the exit of Hollie Cavanagh and were left with Phillip Phillips, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet. In case you’ve missed the elimination episode, you can read our full official recap here.

According to sources, the remaining three competitors will be performing three songs each — each from three separate categories. The network has announced that the theme for Wednesday’s performance episode will be “choice”. In addition to “Their Choice”, the contestants will perform a “Judge’s Choice”, along with a choice from Jimmy Iovine.

Jimmy has offered a lot of critiques on the choices that the Idols have picked for themselves, so it remains to be seen as to whether or not his choice will throw the contestants off — or if it will separate the true talent from the others.

In the end, only one can win the title of our next “American Idol”. Who do you think it’s going to be?

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