American Idol TV Recap For May 1, 2013: Performance Episode

American Idol TV Recap For May 1, 2013: Performance Episode

Tonight on FOX is an all new episode of the hit singing competition “American Idol”. Tonight, the top four competitors get a second chance to woo America and the judges in order to remain in the competition. Have you been keeping up with the show? If not, you can read the recap of last week’s non-elimination episode here.

We kind of figured that the show would have a non-elimination night, so that the schedule for the mid-May season finale could go on as scheduled. Remaining in the competition are Amber Holcomb, Angie Miller, Candice Glover and Kree Harrison.

For the theme of week eight, we’ve got “Now & Then”:

Solo Performances – Hit Songs Of 2013 (Billed As “Now”):
Amber Holcomb – “Just Give Me A Reason” by Pink & Nate Ruess
Angela Miller – “Diamonds” by Rihanna
Candice Glover – “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars
Kree Harrison – “See You Again” by Carrie Underwood

Solo Performances – Standards (Billed As “Then”):
Amber Holcomb – “My Funny Valentine” by Mitzi Green/Chet Baker (Reprise)
Angela Miller – “Someone To Watch Over Me” by Gertrude Lawrence/Ella Fitzgerlald
Candice Glover – “You’ve Changed” by Harry James/Eva Cassidy
Kree Harrison – “Stormy Weather” by Ethel Waters/Gladys Knight

Quartet Performance:
Amber Holcomb, Angela Miller, Candice Glover, & Kree Harrison – “Wings” by Little Mix

Stay tuned for our live recap of the show from 8PM to 10PM EST as it airs. Until then, tell us who you’ve been rooting for this season!


Harry Connick, Jr. is on hand tonight to mentor the top four contestants. Angie Miller is up first, performing her rendition of “Diamonds” by Rihanna. Keith said that wasn’t the song to change the arrangement to and he was waiting for “it” to happen. She wanted to soar…she should’ve changed the melody, too. Nicki said she was trying to boost her performance with her body and not with her heart. She can do a lot better. Randy said it’s not a song that supports a change in the arrangements, but he does like her shorts. Mariah said she expected her to change it, but she agrees that she was playing to the camera.

Amber Holcomb is up next singing “Just Give Me A Reason” by Pink. Nicki said she was free-spirited in her video footage, but there is a big difference between that girl and the girl who performed the song. Try and do a better job and bring the girl that people love into her performances. Randy said everybody’s thinking about the end and asked if she was having fun. That was not stellar. Mariah said it has to be stellar at this point, but they need to see the confident Amber they’re used to. Keith said she’s a phenomenal singer. He loved the clarity in her voice and it was fantastic.

Candice Glover is up next, taking on “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars. Randy said if you can sing, you can sing anything. Congratulations, that was amazing. Mariah said she agrees and she has the musicality to change the song and make it hers. Keith said it was a winning performance and it was beautiful. Nicki said today she gave her everything she was asking for last week. She looks good, she might’ve lost weight and she looks like an artist. She made the song sound like it was written for her.

Kree Harrison is taking the last performance of the night with her rendition of “See You Again” by Carrie Underwood. Mariah said she felt that she was very connected, especially in the beginning. She enjoys her so much because of how authentic she is. Keith said he was waiting for the thing to be bigger, but her voice is faultless. Nicki said she loved the performance. She sang with her eyes. She absolutely connected to every lyric in that song. Randy said she has an amazing voice, that was a great vocal and he loved it.


Angie Miller is taking on “Someone To Watch Over Me” by Gertrude Lawrence/Ella Fitzgerlald. Keith said she sang it so beautifully. It was beautiful, except for the three chord ascending ending. Nicki said she could be singing Disney songs or on Broadway. It was better than the first performance. Randy said he didn’t love the arrangement in the middle. If you can sing, you can sing anything. That was an amazing vocal. Mariah said there were moments of the song that were beautiful. She should be allowed to shine despite the dirt that gets splattered around her.

Amber Holcomb is singing “My Funny Valentine” by Mitzi Green/Chet Baker. Nicki said she was up there looking like a beautiful budding red rose. From the set to her outfit to her poise and she’s up there looking like she wants to cry. That was a great job. Randy said she made a believer out of a lot of people. The last half of that song was unbelievable and it’s a hard song to sing. She slayed it. Mariah said that spirit is there and it’s bigger and better than ever before. Keith said from the middle point in her performance, she got confident and it was beautiful.

Candice Glover is up next, singing “You’ve Changed” by Billie Holiday. Standing ovation! Randy said “Candice is in it to win it tonight!” She has an amazing voice. You have to feel everything and she did. Speak your truth, girl, that was amazing. Mariah said there is no critiquing and she is going to download that immediately. Keith said he loved watching Mariah watch Candice. Her power and control were beautiful. Nicki said she wasn’t going to add anything else.

Kree Harrison is taking the last spot with her rendition of “Stormy Weather” by Ethel Waters/Gladys Knight. Mariah said she was interested in the song choice. She thought she could’ve went for something more bluesy. It was a great vocal. It was as clear as a bell and beautiful. Keith said don’t ever lose the things that are naturalistic about her style. Just feel those things because when they come out, they’re beautiful. Nicki said the song choice matters so much and she wishes she would’ve focused on that. Randy said she may have chosen the Etta version versus the Lena version, but she still did a good job.

To close out the show, the top four are performing Little Mix’s song “Wings.” What was your favorite performance of the evening? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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