American Idol’s Phillip Phillips Talks Making Music He Likes

American Idol's Phillip Phillips Talks Making Music He Likes

American Idol” season eleven finalist Phillip Phillips, dubbed “P2″ by his fans, says that he is more interested in making music that he likes rather than making music that sells.

Phillips is considered a fan favorite on the show, but don’t expect him to conform to mainstream music anytime soon. In a new interview, Phillips explained that he isn’t focused on making music that will get played to death on the radio. He says, however, that he wants to make music that he will enjoy as a musician. We all knew that he has his own singing style and we have come to appreciate that on the show.

He revealed, “I’m not trying to do something I’m not. I want to get people prepared for the kind of music I will do. It’s not probably going to be mainstream or anything.”

He added, “The more people realize that number one hits aren’t the best songs. Whoever likes my music, they like it. If they don’t, there’s so much other music out there to like. I’m not expecting everyone to like my music.”

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