Amy Adams had a street fight with a drunk friend

Amy Adams doesn’t screw around!!!

After her friend got as drunk as a skunk, Amy wouldn’t let her drive — and that’s a good thing. When she sat down with Chelsea Handler, she gave details on the incident and how she prevented her friend from getting behind the wheel.

When asked about whether or not she’s ever thrown a punch, Amy said, “Yes, yes I have. It was a good reason…she was really drunk and she wanted to drive and she was just being unreasonable and she was trying to get her keys from me and I thought in the movies – I was like 24 at this time, I wasn’t in movies – they slap people to get them to be reasonable. So I slapped her across the face and oddly enough she didn’t come to…she attacked me. My brother had to break it up…she was a friend of mine.”

Her friend should feel lucky that she prevented her from getting a DUI.

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