Amy Winehouse angers fans | May go to to rehab finally

While Amy Winehouse may look normal in the first picture, take a closer look. First of all, her nose is bleeding. Too many drugs? In the last picture you can see that she looks very haggardly and desperately thin.

She was touring at London’s Hammersmith Apollo on Saturday, November 24th, when she appeared in smeared makeup and a cigarette hanging from her mouth. Not only was her appearance in a shambles, but she disappeared several times throughout the performance. This caused fans to boo and heckle the singer, and she ultimately left the stage, in the middle of her final song. The backup singer had to close out the show. This left fans asking for a refund for a shoddy performance.

According to reports, her mother, Janis Winehouse, has been trying to talk the fallen star into finally saying yes to rehab. Hopefully she can get through to her before it’s too late. Talent is a terrible thing to waste.

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