Amy Winehouse Cause Of Death Revealed?

Amy Winehouse Cause Of Death Revealed?

As you may have already heard, singer Amy Winehouse was found dead in her London apartment earlier today, at the young age of 27.

As she became famous for her singing talent, she was just as known for her addiction to drugs and alcohol. While some will say that it’s too early to speculate on the official cause of death, British tabloid, the Sunday Mirror thinks they have the inside scoop.

According to the front page of the publication, which is dated July 24, 2011, Amy died from a combination of ecstacy and alcohol. TMZ reports that there was no foul play in her death and the autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow or Monday, at the latest.

London Police say that it’s too early to tell, however. The Superintendent, Raj Kohli, said, “I am aware of reports suggesting this death is the result of a suspected drugs overdose, but I would like to re-emphasize that no post-mortem has yet taken place and it would be inappropriate to speculate on the cause of death.”

Stay tuned as further details are revealed…

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