Amy Winehouse doesn’t have time for drugs

Amy Winehouse insists that she doesn’t have time for drugs now, yet falls asleep mid-sentence in interviews:

Singer Amy Winehouse has denied reports that she is a drug user, insisting she is “too busy” to be an addict. The troubled star, who was hospitalised for a drug overdose in August and arrested for marijuana possession last month, recently gave a bizarre interview to a U.S. music publication, during which she is said to have slurred her words and fallen asleep mid-sentence three times. And although she denies being a drug addict, she admits she has a problem with alcohol. She tells Blender magazine, “I don’t have the time (for drugs)… I’m a really big drinker. “I used to be there before the pub opened, banging on the door.”

Amy Winehouse doesn’t have time for drugs was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Roberta Ferguson
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