Amy Winehouse Involved In Nude Photo Scandal

Amy Winehouse Involved In Nude Photo Scandal

Even though Amy Winehouse passed away on July 23, 2011, there are reports making their way around the internet suggesting that there are nude photos of the singer being shopped around.

Reportedly, the photos in question show Amy in a drugged up or drunk state in several compromising positions. According to reports, there is one of her bending over naked and another that was taken of her in bed with Blake Fielder-Civil.

The photographer who is trying to sell the pictures, said, “I met Amy, as well as Blake, on multiple occasions during the period which I spent in London a number of years back. I got high with her and had a long bizarre conversation about Kate Moss, aliens and a**holes. A conversation which, well, lead to me taking pictures.”

He added, “She was high on cocaine and weed and called me ‘MacDonald’ while posing for said explicit photographs. The photographs in question have never been published and no one knows that it exists.”

Are these pictures really something that the public needs to see? Are they of interest to you? Perhaps this photographer should leave her memory alone? It’s bad enough that Blake got her hooked on the bad stuff, but she died way too young. What do you think?

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