Amy Winehouse wants to be an actress

Amy Winehouse is striking a pose to let us all know that she can act. This role would be considered as “sleazy hooker”, but she’s really going for it, isn’t it?

Amy wants to make the transition from music to movies and has even signed up for acting classes. A snitch said, “Amy has enrolled for acting lessons at the Central School of Speech and Drama in north London. Everyone close to her thinks it’s a great idea and believes she could make the transition from singer to actress quite easily.”

Amy is keen to follow in the footsteps of Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe, except, of course, for the young death part. A source said, “Amy keeps talking about Marilyn Monroe. She’s obsessed with her and everything she stands for. Amy keeps saying she wants to die her hair blond, so she can be as sexy as Marilyn.”

What do you think of Amy’s movie career ambitions? I would just like for her to go into the studio already and get working on another album, but that’s just me.

Work that sassy orange hooker pose, Amy!

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