Anderson Cooper Defends Anne Hathaway (Video)

Anderson Cooper Defends Anne Hathaway (Video)

If you’ll recall just Sunday evening, Hollywood actress Anne Hathaway wore a Prada dress to the Oscars instead of the Valentino dress she’d originally chosen. Since she felt that Valentino was snubbed by her decision, she issued an apology.

Apparently she received a lot of backlash from the decision to wear the dress and apologize for it. So, Anderson Cooper is stepping up to bat to defend her. The “Huffington Post” reports:

“In our morning meeting today, we were talking about this and the level of hatred people have towards Anne Hathaway — I had no idea. She seems like a perfectly lovely person!” he said.

“I don’t understand,” Cooper continued. “She’s incredibly talented, she seems like a lovely person, I think she’s been through a lot. People have all these judgments about her; they don’t know what she’s really like. Nobody knows what any of these people are really like in real life… It upset me.”

When guest co-host Isha Sesay said that Hathaway’s Oscars acceptance speech was “terrible,” Cooper issued another defense, adding, “The amount of pressure she must feel knowing all these people hate her—give her a break. She seems like a lovely young person. Again, people form all these opinions on people based on nothing. You have no actual evidence.”


What did you think of the whole situation? We’re not getting any of the hate that people have for Anne Hathaway? Are you? We think she’s a fine actress. Thoughts?

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