Angelina Jolie Hates George Clooney’s Girlfriend, Stacy Keibler?

It sounds as if Angelina Jolie is super bitter about a message that George Clooney’s girlfriend Stacy Keibler put on Twitter. What else could it be? They haven’t even met!

Angelina has nothing but hatred for Stacy — and now we know why! Sources have revealed that Angie snubbed Stacy at the Palm Springs International Film Festival — and even told Brad Pitt to stay away from her, too! Jealous much? Or is it because she doesn’t want Stacy doing to her what she did to Jennifer Aniston?

A source said, “Angelina is quick to judge, and she decided early on she wanted no part of this woman. It makes things uncomfortable for Brad and George since they are best friends.”

Another snitch said that it was all because of this Twitter message from Stacy: “Brad Pitt wouldn’t be bad to look at every day!”

The insider revealed, “From then on, Angelina’s been deriding Stacy. She doesn’t like any woman even joking about wanting Brad, especially one who actually has access to him. She sees this girl as nothing more than a former cheerleader and pro wrestler and tells Brad, ‘George can do better than that!’ She’s been adamantly opposed to the two couples going out together, even though George and Brad hang out a lot.”

This just reeks of insecurity, doesn’t it? Do you think it’s true?

Photo Credit: Thomas Janssen

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